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Gives a better rate for getting Guiding Lands mining outcrop and bonepile materials while still attempting to preserve balance. An alternative version of and a mod inspired by No Grind Guiding Lands ( by AsteriskAmpersand.

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This mod tweaks the drop rate for getting Guiding Lands mining outcrop and bonepile materials in my best attempts of making farming easier but still balanced. It basically alters the drop rate of low-leveled materials based on the gathering spot's tier (0-4) to give way for increased chances of getting more valuable items. It also lowers the drop rate of some coal/RP items a bit but increases the drop quantity to counter this for Steamworks and melding.

This was originally just for my personal use but I decided to upload it anyway because why not.

An alternate version of No Grind Guiding Lands which is, in my opinion, not very balanced but reduces time consumed for farming materials considerably. Try out both versions to check which you prefer more.



Extract .zip after downloading then place 'nativePC' into your game folder.

Not compatible with any mod that edits the file: st109_2.itlot

If there are any issues, feel free to post it in the 'Bugs' section. If you have any requests or retweaks, feel free to post it (not spam) in the discussion and I'll try to implement it. Also check out my other mod(s):

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Capcom - for MHW

YOU - for checking out my mod!