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Removes the more egregious grinding factors from the guiding land gathering and mining tables. Massively lowers the rate of Coal and Research Point Items while raising the number items mined from the giant nodes.

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Requires stracker nativePC loader found here.

Reworks the Guiding (Grinding) Lands Mining and Gathering Tables. The base tables for each area are virtually identical, they just change to the area's corresponding material (Generic Guiding Lands Materials are common between areas as are the Coal and Research Point Materials).

Two major issues are that augmenting have considerable material requirements. In particular they need approximately 5 lvl 1 mat, 7 lvl 2 mats, 10 lvl 2 mats, 7 lvl 3 mats, 3 lvl 4 mats from different areas. This almost assuredly requires maxing the gathering nodes for an area 3 times. Gathering takes considerable amounts of times, cannot be done in reasonable amount of times and involves diverting from the core of the game.

The rework considerably reduces the chances of Coal and Research Point items which tend to plague gathering and mining activities and at that point in the game aren't exactly desirable, specially when one is focusing on gathering or mining for materials. It also raises somewhat proportionally the amount one gets when they do show up to compensate for players that actually use steamworks and need research points.

It also blanket increases the amounts of items gathered on each attempt (given you can just repeatedly mine this locations over and over, this is simply reducing the number of mining runs required). 

Additionally adds a Sealed Feystone with low chances for the giant nodes (given this only happen after maxing the level of an area, and only once per maxing this is not exactly spammable).

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