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Gives a better rate for getting Unique Materials and Spiritvein Gems while still attempting to preserve balance

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This mod tweaks the drop rate for Tempered Monsters in the Guiding Lands in my best attempts of making grinding a bit easier but still balanced. It basically lowers the drop rate of Bone Materials to give way for increased chances of getting Monster-specific materials and Spiritvein Gems. This was originally just for my personal use but I decided to upload it anyway because why not.

This does not change the number of materials that a monster drops: 
If you want that, you can use Guiding Land Monster Drops Overloaded by Victor011298 / NLW instead. [My mod and his/her are not compatible with each other]

Another alternate tweak made by Zaline which includes overloaded drops and up-to-date versions!


UPDATE v1.1:
  - Spiritvein Bones have their droprate slightly/moderately reduced while increasing Tempered Monster-specific Material drop rates
- Monster-specific Material drop rates changed for Non-Tempered Monsters (before: 37~67% depending on Area Level  |  after: 75% regardless of Area Level)

Extract .zip after downloading then place 'nativePC' into your game folder.

Not compatible with any mod that edits Monster Drop Rates (nativePC/common/item/em_XXX.itlot)

If there are any issues, feel free to post it in the 'Bugs' section. Thanks for checking out this tweak :)
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TzKetDeath - for the Monster Drop Editor Tool (RIP - used in 1.0; update(s) was done with hexediting)
Jodo | DMQW Modding Group - for MHWNoChunk (tool used to extract game files)
Capcom - for MHW

Zaline and seud

YOU - for checking out my mod!