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Extract chunk files as you want.

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Developed by Jodo @ DMQW Modding Group.
Nexusmods link to MHWNoChunk:
Github link to MHWNoChunk:

The tool learns from the WorldChunkTool to deal with the decompressing process.  Thanks to the author MHVuze's great work on WorldChunkTool.
Nexusmods link to WorldChunkTool :
Github link to WorldChunkTool:

For help with the tool itself: Vuze, Asterisk, Stracker
For providing the final Iceborne chunk key order: legendff
For working on a keygen regarding Iceborne chunk encryption: MoonBunnie, Asterisk
For help with bruteforcing the Iceborne chunk key order early on: Vuze, XunLi, Asterisk, Dallagen, MoonBunnie, Kiranico, DMQW, Aradi147, Ice, Miralis
For texture preview function: Qowyn
For other programming issues: rz7d, KeisukeOkaya, Andoryuuta
For new UI theme: MDIX on github

This tool can decompress part of the MHW chunk file as you want. 
2x speed and 0.5x disk usage. No .PKG file created.

If you are interested in writing a better usage introduction to this tool in English, please post here. Thanks!
If you met any bug, please update to the latest version and try again. If the problem still appears, post here. Thanks!

v3.0.1 update:
Add .dll auto download
v3.0.0 update:
Update UI
v2.2.3 update:
Refactor filters' logic.
Fix bug that causes crash
v2.2.0 update:
Add preview for texture files
v2.1.1 update:
Add icon. Add error information. Use readonly to read chunk files(thanks to rz7d)
v2.1.0 update:
IMPORTANT UPDATEUpdate keys for IceBorne. Enable filter to file name.
v2.0.0 update:
Support IceBorne version
v1.3.2 update:
Fixed bug while extracting with chunk10. Thanks KeisukeOkaya for his work.
v1.3.1 update:
Added progressbar value sight. Added auto copy .dll file.
v1.3.0 update:
Added combine extract mode. Once merge and extract all files with all the newest version.
v1.2.1 update(important):
Fixed memory leaking problem while extracting big files like bgm_ingame.npck
v1.2 update:
Added decompressed file size sight.
v1.1 update:
Added progress bar.

0.The tool requires .net framework 4.7.2. If you can't open the software properly, download it from
1.*Copy oo2core_8_win64.dll from somewhere else to the folder of the tool.
2.Double click the "MHWNoChunk.exe" file to start.
3.Drag and drop a chunk*.bin file you want to decompress from chunk directory of your MHW root folder to the blank area of the software GUI. Check the 'Combine all chunks' option on the right side before dragdrop file if you want to once combine all chunkNs and extract with all the newest-versioned-files.
4.Check the checkbox of the files you want.
5.Click the "Extract Selected" button and select the directory you want to export to.

由Jodo @ 狩技MOD组开发
MHWNoChunk Nexusmods 链接:
MHWNoChunk Github 链接:
MHWNoChunk 3dm论坛 链接:

WorldChunkTool Nexusmods链接 :
WorldChunkTool GitHub链接:


v3.0.1 增加自动下载dll功能
v3.0.0 更新界面
v2.2.3 修改过滤逻辑
v2.2.1 修复导致闪退的错误
v2.2.0 添加tex文件预览
v2.1.1 增加错误信息,添加图标,使用只读读取chunk文件
v1.3.1 增加进度条数值显示,增加自动复制oo2core功能
v1.3.0 增加全chunk联合解包模式,一次性解析所有chunk并解包相应最新文件,先勾选“”联合解析全部chunk”并随意拖入一个chunkN.bin即可开始联合解包
v1.2.1(重要更新) 修复大文件解包错误
v1.2 更新增加了文件尺寸显示
v1.1 更新增加了进度条

0.软件基于.net framework 4.7.2框架制作,如果无法运行,则需先从 下载并安装运行环境。