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Overlay mod that exposes in-game data about monsters, creatures, players and damage.

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Overlay mod for Monster Hunter Rise that exposes in-game data about monsters, creatures, players and damage.

This mod is solely intended to empower players with means of self-improvement. Please don't use the information provided by this tool
to make hurtful comments and actions toward other players.

If you like my mods, please consider making a small donation! That would be very helpful for me to maintain existing mods and create new ones in the future!


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How to install:

  • Install REFramework;
  • Install REFramework Direct2D;
    Windows: Works normally.
    Linux: Latest Experimental Proton seems to have it working normally as well (cursey/reframework-d2d#5).
    Steam Deck: I've seen people getting it working but I don't have the exact instructions.
       You will have to figure it out yourself and/or search the nexus pages for information (REFramework, REFramework Direct2D).
  • Download the mod;
  • Extract the mod from the archive and place it in MonsterHunterRise folder. Refer to FAQ to verify how the file hierarchy should look like if everything is done correctly.

Mod features a convenient Customization Menu inside REFramework. Open REFramework (Insert key by default) -> Script Generated UI -> MHR Overlay.
Your settings will be automatically saved and loaded.

Default values are made for 1080p screen.

GreenComfyTea - creator of the mod and it's main contributor.
cursecat - creator of REFramework, REFramework Direct2D plugin and Monster Has HP Bar mod, which provided an example on how to retrieve monster HP data.
praydog2 - creator of REFramework. Contributed huge improvements to the performance of the mod.
coavins - creator of coavins damage meter mod.
lingsamuel - creator of Data Reporter and Buff Notification mod.

neatnet - Korean translation.
s9000008, mcc1 - Traditional Chinese translation.
etnAtkersukiqwq - Simplified Chinese translation.
AKILAND0214 - Japanese5 translation.