MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Biome vegetation overhaul.

Permissions and credits
Current Version 1.20 BETA
Updated to run with latest client version (9th June 2021)
BETA status, pleanty of issues.

Originally I just wanted to rescale the grass and trees, because I think they are scaled up too much, more fitting the proportions for FPS and taking away from the feeling of piloting a Mech.
Finding lots of unused assets, I ended up reworking all the Biomes which include vegetation.
Why are there only spruces anyway?

While I was working on the assets, I decided to modify LODs and viewing distance as well.
Expect a moderate/big FPS impact! I will keep working on improvements, though.
If needed, you can reduce the density and viewing distance by lowering the foliage and view distance options in your graphics setting.

Feel free to leave a comment.
Don't forget to give all the other awesome mods a try. 

Make sure you use the latest version.

Screenshots are taken with Navid's rescale mod enabled, piloting an Annihilator.

  • Reworked Biomes
    1. Arid Canyon
    2. Lush Canyon
    3. Forest (Summer)
    4. Forest (Autumn)
    5. Forest (Winter)
  • General Foliage Changes
    1. Rescaled meshes
    2. Removed sprite LODs 
    3. Adjusted LODs
    4. Adjusted rendering distances

  • Optimization
  • Rework Garrison foliage to be in line with biomes

Copy unpacked folder to your game's mod folder and activate it in the in-game menu.

Known Issues
  • Performance impact

  • This mod is probably incompatible with most other mods that change biome and foliage data.

  • Works with my other mods at least.

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