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Evaluates and displays more accurate/relevant/informative weapon statistics, for easier comparisons.

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This mod does not modify weapon stats in any way. It only changes the display and has no effect on balance.

In Vanilla:

  • Damage Per Second. This is mainly just [Damage per pellet] x [Number of pellets] x [Shots per second]. However, the numbers displayed are often modified by an invisible [FudgeFactor] which can be very arbitrary. In some cases, that factor makes a bit of sense: e.g. semi-auto weapons won't always be used at max fire rate, but even then it is not consistent (the Volkov and Thunder are both semi-auto with a fire rate of 3/sec, the former gets a [FudgeFactor] of 0.9; the latter of 0.78). So it often looks like the main purpose is just to put the displayed value more in-line with other weapons. In addition, some weapons like sniper rifles with high damage but low rate of fire suffer a lot in the comparison (there can be very good weapons with an underwhelming displayed damage value).

  • Heatsink capacity (in seconds). This is pretty straightforward, except that the calculations are not always correct (try to get a Razer X to overheat in anything close to 3 seconds). And the effect on the overall damage output is not very intuitive, and does not account for the cooldown time after overheating (which is not always the same).

  • Accuracy Rating. This value is actually drawn from the "old" weapon stats from the original game, which (as far as I can tell) are not used at all in the Legendary Edition, since they changed the weapon system. I guess they mostly kept the same manufacturers making more accurate weapons... but not always. So this value is basically not representative of the actual weapons.

See the mod pictures for some examples of problematic cases.

With this mod:

Precisely describing weapon stats with only 3 numerical values is not an easy task. The idea here is to have DPS(sustained) and DPS(burst) to give essentially a min/max range of damage per second that can be expected from the weapon, rather than use a hidden [FudgeFactor] to have some weird arbitrary average. Assuming you hit all your shots, the damage output should essentially always be somewhere within this range, depending on the situation and usage. And the Accuracy Rating should give an idea of of how easy it is to hit shots with different weapons.

  • DPS (burst). This is essentially the damage during the first second. Weapons like snipers with high damage but fire rate < 1/sec will not be at a disadvantage. No [FudgeFactor] in the calculation... you may still prefer the Breaker (fully auto) over the Thunder (semi-auto), but at least now you know the Thunder has a larger maximum possible DPS, and a good accuracy (see mod images).

  • DPS (sustained). This value will generally be lower than DPS (burst). It assumes that you keep shooting until the weapon overheats, and accounts for the time needed for the weapon to cool down (which can differ from one weapon to another). In case of semi-auto weapons, the DPS(burst) assumes a max fire rate of 8/sec, the DPS(sustained) a max fire rate of 3/sec - this doesn't change anything with vanilla weapons since all semi-auto have a max fire rate of 3/sec anyway. 

  • Accuracy Rating. The value calculated by this mod is based on weapon stats that are actually used by the game. It is a composite score that accounts for more than a dozen accuracy-related statistics (recoil, aim error, accuracy penalty per shot, pellet spread, etc; both ADS and hip-fire). Obviously, it is impossible to have a single value perfectly represent all the complicated accuracy mechanics. So, the way these different stats are accounted for and weighted is of course quite arbitrary. I may refine the formula in the future, but overall it should already give a better comparative impression, at least between weapons of the same type. 

Like in vanilla, the displayed values do not include weapon attachments/mods. So if a weapon has a low DPS(sustained) because it overheats quickly, you may be able to compensate that with the appropriate attachments.

If you are feeling supportive, you can buy me a thermal clip


Install as a DLC + merge mod with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (must be version 7.0.3 at least: older versions do not support DLC mods for LE1)

  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file for Comparative Weaponry into the Mod manager window, and import it.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library list (for LE1) and click "Apply Mod".

Uninstall with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

  • Go in Manage Target (for LE1).
  • Find Comparative Weaponry in the list of installed DLC mods, and disable or delete.
  • Find SFXGame.pcc in the list of modified basegame file, and restore it (you would then need to reinstall any other mod that modifies this file).


  • Afaik there shouldn't be compatibility issues with other mods.
  • The displayed weapon stats are computed dynamically, so weapons with modded stats should show the proper modified stats.


To Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, d00t, HenBagle, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3/LegendaryExplorer.