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This mod gives Traynor long hair.

Permissions and credits
This mod gives Samantha Traynor long hair.

The latest version requires both V1.3 of the LE3 Community Patch AND Framework installed.

The Community Framework greatly reduces the amount of files required to be modded to only 2 instead of 16.

If you don't like the hairstyle I provide, you can change it into a different one, like from the various hair packages available. You do require Legendary Explorer for that and basic knowledge on how to change stuff within. If many people are interested I will make a guide on how to proceed.
There are two files to change in this mod: the regular one, and the underwear (for romance scenes) one.

Installation Instructions:
Just drag and drop the .7z-file into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager's Library, and apply the mod.

V1.1 (pre-Community Patch and Framework) only:
The mod overrides several core files, so it's possible it will break other mods using the following files(1.1 update):

? BioD_CitApt_Traynor.pcc (4.7 MB)
? BioD_CitCas_430Traynor.pcc (22.3 MB)
? BioD_End002_000Traynor.pcc (4.9 MB)
? BioD_End002_510Red.pcc (10.9 MB)
? BioD_End002_520Blue.pcc (11.0 MB)
? BioD_End002_530Green.pcc (10.2 MB)
? BioD_End002_710MemorialRed.pcc (15.3 MB)
? BioD_End002_720MemorialBlue.pcc (14.3 MB)
? BioD_End002_730MemorialGreen.pcc (16.0 MB)
? BioD_Nor_001Global.pcc (10.9 MB)
? BioD_Nor_100CabinConv.pcc (14.4 MB)
? BioD_Nor_135RomTraynor.pcc (4.7 MB)
? BioD_Nor_204CerMir_Debrief.pcc (16.5 MB)
? BioD_Nor_204Kro002_Debrief.pcc (1.3 MB)
? BioH_Exp3_Traynor_0.pcc (4.9 MB)
? BioH_Exp3_Traynor_1.pcc (5.2 MB)

Additional Thanks:

-All people involved with the Community Patch and it's Framework (KinkojiroScottina123AudemusCreeperLavaDropTheSquid, Fairfieldfencer, Jenya66LukenskoMgamerzSilSirCxyrtyx)
-Newsea for the hairstyle
-Scottina123 for the savegames
-Bioware for making several of the best gaming franchises in history!