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This mod will change Traynor's hair to Brooks' long hair.

Permissions and credits
This mod will alter Samantha Traynor's hair to Brooks's. Personally I think the "Classy"-hairstyle is a bit overused at this point, and I believe Traynor looks better with longer hair. But that's just my humble opinion.

I used Brooks' hair because it's the only one of the vanilla long hairstyles to add without visual issues, compared to Allers', Ashley's, or Miranda's.

The mod overrides several core files, so it's possible it will break other mods using the following files(1.1 update):

📄 BioD_CitApt_Traynor.pcc (4.7 MB)
📄 BioD_CitCas_430Traynor.pcc (22.3 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_000Traynor.pcc (4.9 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_510Red.pcc (10.9 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_520Blue.pcc (11.0 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_530Green.pcc (10.2 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_710MemorialRed.pcc (15.3 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_720MemorialBlue.pcc (14.3 MB)
📄 BioD_End002_730MemorialGreen.pcc (16.0 MB)
📄 BioD_Nor_001Global.pcc (10.9 MB)
📄 BioD_Nor_100CabinConv.pcc (14.4 MB)
📄 BioD_Nor_135RomTraynor.pcc (4.7 MB)
📄 BioD_Nor_204CerMir_Debrief.pcc (16.5 MB)
📄 BioD_Nor_204Kro002_Debrief.pcc (1.3 MB)
📄 BioH_Exp3_Traynor_0.pcc (4.9 MB)
📄 BioH_Exp3_Traynor_1.pcc (5.2 MB)

Installation Instructions:
Just drag and drop the .7z-file into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager's Library, and apply the mod.

With this mod it's also possible to give our beloved fancy-toothbrush girl any hairstyle you want, that is available for LE3. You can even change her hair per location!

If anyone's interested I can make a tutorial on how to easily do this, so don't be afraid to let me know!