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A variety of shorter hairstyles by MoooD converted from the Sims for Femshep.

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This mod contains eighteen new shorter hairstyles for Femshep by the amazing MoooD from the sims 4.

There were just never any converted hairs (and all available ones are absolutely amazing) that fit my personal headcanon of a shorter-haired Shep (bc, ya know, it just...suits her). I remedied that very quickly by starting to convert hairs. I think she looks amazing and also a badass lol. Fun fact: hair conversion was actually how I got into modding in the first place.

Moood allows conversions for their meshes and so that's...exactly what I did - I converted some of their amazing meshes over for MELE3 for Femshep. I got a lot of asks from my other mods about what hairs I used, so I compiled a list. I hope you enjoy :) You can find more images on my other mods of most of these hairstyles if you want to see more examples because other than the AMM pics, all of the cutscene images are pics I took before while testing my other mods lol. I was too lazy to take new pictures in-game.

Hairs converted: Buffalo, Candy, CottonEven, Feather, Hay, HydrJellyfishLowRadiant, RugSeahorse, Still, Sunset, Tailor, Victor, Wan, and Zion.

Please don't ask me to edit the meshes or textures because I can't and won't. Also please don't ask if I'll convert the hairs to ME2. These things take a lot of time to learn and if I am able to, I will at my own pace :)

With the 1.1 update, I also added Japanese LOC so if you play ME with Japanese, pls lmk if it shows up and works properly :D



Because MoooD's hairs are meant for a completely different game, the textures do look off with lighter hair colors because of how (what I assume) is the mesh style, alongside the original textures being meant for the sims. I'm not, uh...super experienced with modding and I'm still really new at it so I could also be very wrong about that too though.

I tried to make sure to choose the styles that didn't have too many transparency issues, but it's not perfect. I typically only use darker hair colors so it wasn't much of a problem for me but I wanted to mention that beforehand for those who like to use lighter hair colors, like white or blonde hair.

Also, due to the transparency issue, there are weird clippings that are very obvious with lighter hair but there's not much I can do about that. There's also clipping with the slightly longer hairs with armors and some outfits. Nothing I can do about that too. 



There are no requirements and the hairs are compatible with the Appearance Modification Menu for LE3 by DropTheSquid. I highly recommend you go and download this mod because it'll make it much easier for you to switch between hairstyles and colors, and also just because the mod itself is amazing.

For those who would rather switch the hairs manually with TSE, here are the codes for the Hair Mesh and Hair_Diff:



Just drop my mod into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Don't forget to click Import and then Install.

You can disable or delete this mod in ME3Tweaks to uninstall. 



Thank you to MoooD for having conversions as allowed for their hairs. They're all just amazing :D The hairs converted are all linked. Thank you also to the LEWiki authors, without them this wouldn't have been possible.

Hairs converted: BuffaloCandyCottonEvenFeatherHayHydrJellyfishLowRadiantRugSeahorseStillSunsetTailorVictorWan, and Zion.


I'd love to see your Shepards with my edits :D Please don't hesitate to tag me in pictures (you can find me on Tumblr at JasonnTodd) or upload them here to the mod!



Shorter Hairstyles for Femshep I (MELE2)
Practical Bodies for Shepard (MELE2)

New Casuals I for Femshep (MELE3)
New Casuals II for Femshep (MELE3)  
New Outfits I for Shepard (MELE3)
New Undergarment Sets for Shepard (MELE3)
Practical Bodies for Casual Shepard (MELE3)
Practical Bodies for Shepard's Armors (MELE3)
Practical Bodies for Squadmates (MELE3)
Shorter Hairstyles for Femshep (MELE3)
Shorter Hairstyles for Femshep II (MELE3)  
Shorter Hairstyles for Femshep III (MELE3)

Some Armors for Shepard I (MELE3) 
Transparent Breather Helmet for Shepard (MELE3)