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Changes the distance from the player that random enemy groups stop spawning killed members at.

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Sniping in ME:A never felt really worthwhile to me. For one, even sniper rifles don't have a long engagement range (though this have been partially fixed e.g., here: Andromeda Firearms Rebalanced ).

Though the bigger problem is the second one: When random enemy -encampments are engaged from outside an relatively short distance, killed enemies simply respawn. This made it impossible to dispatch enemy groups from further away than 45 metres!

This mod changes the playpen-zone  of all medium group enemy spawn locations from 45m to 250m. It also increases the combat zone from 22.5m to 200m, though I'm not quite sure if that really is the distance enemies are allowed to venture from their spawn location*.

The version uploaded here is still marked as alpha2 as it was in fact the second version created when I tested out some different radius settings working together with before mentioned rebalancing mod.

What to expect when using this mod:
  • Being able to kill those enemy groups in the wild from further away
  • Occasionally enemy groups will attack different enemy encampments in their direct vicinity and eventually one group will even kill the other - this happens especially on Havarl.

I haven't taken this mod through many story missions yet, though so far I did not encounter any problems or abnormal behaviour that sticks out.

*It should be, and e.g., remnant on Havarl do despawn at around the specified distance to respawn at their original location. On the other hand, e.g.,  Kett on Eos (especially Anointed) often ventured past this distance to attack my test-Ryder.

The project file for the mod is included in the zip file.