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Adds extra options on the dialogue wheel in ME3 so that Shepard has an actual choice between being friendly or flirty to potential love interests.

Permissions and credits
[Legendary Edition version]

This is a backport of my Optional Flirting Mod for LE3 (which you can find through the link above); in short, I find the whole "Paragon = Expressing Romantic Interest" thing to be very frustrating, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

This mod moves dialogue options that indicate romantic/flirty interest (in the code, at the very least) to the upper left of the dialogue wheel, while retaining a friendly non-flirt version on the upper right, so you have a choice between friendly, romantic, and aggressive/no-fun/renegade options. In romance specific dialogue, confirming/opting-in to the romance has also been moved to the upper left to try and be as consistent as possible. (Rejection options are still on the lower right.)

All romances are now opt-in from specifically choosing the "flirt" option with the character you're interested in multiple times rather than being assumed from Shepard being friendly. This especially applies to Steve Cortez, who in the unmodded version only requires MaleShep to be single for the game to head down the more romantic dialogue paths.

James Vega's scenes have also been edited so that FemShep can be friendly and get the Lola nickname without all of the flirting that usually comes with it. (The flirting is still available, but FemShep has to flirt with him more than once in the "dance"/fight scene to establish that they have a flirty friendship.)

An unromanced Shepard will now only end up sleeping with Javik at the end of the Citadel Party if certain criteria is met: Javik was invited (for obvious reasons), Javik has 10+ Friendship points (earned from talking with him throughout the game), Javik was taken on the Casino mission, and Javik has been taken on 5 or more missions. (Friendship points and the number of missions Javik has been taken on can both be edited using the Trilogy Save Editor, if necessary.)

Due to the way I reworked some of the conversations, the Citadel DLC is required.

(While I've done as much testing as I could, I am but one blob in the void, so you run into any problems, please let me know!)

This mod also includes a small edit to the shooting contest in Garrus's hangout scene that adds an option where Shepard can try to shoot the bottle and hit or miss depending on their class (Soldiers and Infiltrators hit, other classes miss). Not flirting related, but... it has always bugged me that my not-trained-in-sniper-rifles Shepard was only able to miss on purpose. Thanks to beccatoria for the suggestion to make it class-based. :)

  • Unfortunately, this mod is only for games that are using English audio. I have open permissions for translations.

  • Drag and drop the file into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and import it
  • Make sure the mod is selected in the mod manager and click apply (only install one version! either the main mod or alternate version)
  • Pick your options and click install

  • In the mod manager, with LE3 in the installation target, click Manage Target
  • In the window that pops up, under the Installed DLC Mods tab, click Delete next to Optional Flirting Mod (ME3)
  • Confirm your decision

This mod has compatibility patches for the following mods (please install this mod after these mods so that the patches are applied). (Also please keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily mean all of these mods will work together. Just with my mod and whatever patches they might have.)

This mod also has built-in compatibility with beccatoria's F.I.S.H Mod. :D
This mod is not compatible with The Unofficial ME3 Patch, or any mod compilations that include it.
This mod is not compatible with Take Earth Back.

Technical Info
  • Mount Priority: 8314
  • Conditionals: edited 2700; new 131300-131304
  • TLK Strings #: 13130001-13130033

  • Thank you again to Krozt for the Italian translation, to Annoying Snail (withsuggestions from heldrick) for the Russian translation, Zagarah for theFrench translation, TreoL for the Polish translation, Jeyjey1990 for the German translation, Pikashi for the Japanese translation, and noxbalverine for the Spanish translation.
  • Thank you to Mentlegen3218, beccatoria, rondeeno, Scottina123, and KkJiro for allowing me to make compatibility patches for their mods. :D
  • A ton of thanks to beccatoria for the tutorials that got me through making this mod. :D
  • Thank you to the goo (you know who you are) for your continuous love and support. ❣
  • Thank you to the Me3Tweaks team for Legendary Explorer and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.