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Removes Traynor's reminders about unread messages and optionally "X wants to..." lines and new mission announcements

Permissions and credits
What this mod does
This mod removes Traynor's reminders about any unread messages on your private terminal.

Additionally, you can choose to remove lines announcing that someone wants to talk to you and also any mention of new missions being made available to you.

For the ME2 version, check out Silent Kelly.
For the Legendary Edition version, click here.

Optional Flirting Mod and it's alternate position version provides compatibility options on it's end.
Expanded Galaxy Mod compatibility patch is included in this mod. (Only supports English VO)

Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Patch is not compatible with this mod.

There are no further known compatibility issues with other mods.
All languages are supported.

This mod must be installed before any texture mods such as ALOT!
  • Drag and Drop the downloaded archive into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Press Apply (To store it in Mod Manager)
  • Select the Mod in the mod list
  • Press Apply
  • Select one of the two options
  • Press Install

Uninstalling the Mod from the game
  • Press Manage Target in Mod Manager
  • Select Mass Effect 3
  • Press Delete next to "Silent Traynor"

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Technical Details for Mod Developers

Reserved TLK Strings: 93000000
Mount ID: 8024
DLC Module Number: 24124

DoomHerald - Idea for this mod's sister mod Silent Kelly on the Modding Community Discord's #mod_ideas channel
phoenixsoul13 - Providing Compatibility Patches for their Optional Flirting Mod
KKJiro - Permission for adding a compatibility patch for Expanded Galaxy Mod
Food Then Games - Shouting out the mod and idea for the optional removal of lines announcing someone wanting to talk to you
ME3Tweaks - Developing Mod Manager and LegendaryExplorer