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Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod is a comprehensive attempt to improve Mass Effect 3's final mission in every way possible, including a vast array of restored cut content, bug fixes, new gameplay elements, and various other enhancements -- all of which remain faithful to Bioware's original vision and design.

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PEOM is one of the most detailed, well-crafted mods I've ever seen. - Randy M.

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PEOM finishes what Bioware started a decade ago, by providing a satisfying finale for one of the most popular franchises in gaming culture. Simultaneously, it strictly remains true to Bioware's original design for Priority: Earth before it was minimalized. This means that everything in PEOM feels authentic and you will never get the impression that you're playing with a mod or a piece of fanfiction, but rather with an improved original experience.


With the release of The Orikon Collection, PEOM is part of an unprecedented bundle which allows players, both new and old, to remaster Mass Effect 3 with only a few clicks. You can watch the trailer above to see more footage from PEOM, including some of the new and expanded cutscenes.

Complete list of PEOM Features (spoiler-free):







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Voice Actors

George Szilagy (Bioware) - Major Kirrahe
Rosie Alldred (Bioware) - Rose Mainer
Samantha Bodnar - "Hub Radio Girl"
"Red" - Captain Hart
"Quarters" - Mako Pilot


Corentin Brasart - "The Assault Begins" [Link to portfolio]

Marcus Hedenberg - "Doesn't Look Like Home Anymore", "The Crucible Arrives", "Destroyer Terminated" [Link to portfolio]

Soundtracks can be listened to in the Videos section.

Special Thanks / Credits / Wall of Fame

This mod wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the amazing support of my mentors (Giftfish and Kinkojiro), other modders, and several incredibly talented and kind people. Proper credits are due.

Giftfish/moho25: For everything. From my baby steps all the way to my most complex problems, Giftfish has been there for me. Her endless patience, support and understanding, altruism and her ability to teach have been solely responsible for getting me this far, and without her this mod likely wouldn't even exist.

Kinkojiro: For offering me technical support, troubleshooting, working on the PEOM/EGM compatibility, always jumping in to prevent some big disaster and offer a solution, and being a loyal and mature friend who I could always rely on. Solely responsible for solving some of my hardest bugs. I've known you for 6 years and it has been a pleasure to be your friend. You're the man.

Mgamerz: For his dedication to developing the modding toolset. For countless technical support, fulfilling our requests in toolset development, teaching me pretty much all I know about Pathing in ME3, providing endless entertainment with his iconic laugh, and especially for caring about the user experience above all else. I really need to make a compilation of him laughing.

Special kudos for volunteering to temporarily pick up PEOM's development and finish patch 1.5.2.

SirCxyrtyx: After returning to the modding scene, she's been incredibly helpful in making modding so much easier and fun. By granting requests, making QoL improvements, and adding new features, SirCxyrtyx is arguably the modding scene's biggest unsung heroine.

N7Hadrorex: For being an amazing assistant during the AAOM/ITM/Ground War development period, a great video editor, and providing the excellent video recordings and screenshots. On top of that, you're an amazing friend and a source of laughs and support during tough times.

Special kudos for not only being persistent enough to convince me to replace the music in the Special Edition, but also working on 5 different edits until my stubborn mind was finally satisfied with the result.

Furinax: For his mind-blowing talent with 3DS Max which he used to create the Extended Refusal Cinematic and PEOM's animated intro, the logos you see on the mod page, voice acting, 2.0/Ground War promotional material, and artwork for the installer and AAOM. Can somebody please hire him as an animator already? Thanks.

Autoola: For being an incredible friend, working tirelessly on not only translating subtitles but also audio localizing every single piece of dialogue into German, for bringing her unique skill-set and talents to solve some of PEOM's most challenging obstacles, and also for putting up with me and being patient. She is also solely responsible for the improvements to Anderson's Death Scene in patch 1.5.2 and 1.5.3.

Audemus: For one of the pre-rendered movies, and for the incredible promotional artwork and other marketing content created for PEOM's Stage 1.5. Check out his ALOV mod series!

Seclaris: For providing the amazing screenshots and video recordings used on the ITM/AAOM mod page, as well as the backdrops for the Ground War promotional posters!

HD1: For providing assistance with whatever is necessary. Fetching save files, textures, game data, testing, feedback -- you name it, he's done it. This man has saved me a lot of time and frustration over the years.

Additionally: Pauju for the edited Quarian/Geth shot, both for the original release and Special Edition. Textures for the Turian Ghost and Female Alliance armors, as well as the models for new Earth and London hologram, created by Mellin.

KejtowPL - Polish


Legacy credits: