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This mod replaces the default head of female Shepard by a 3d model I created (inspired by Morrigan from Dragon Age). Different customization options are available (makeup, hair style, colors, scars, ...).
A tutorial explaining how I made it is included.

Permissions and credits

This mod replaces the default female Shepard by a 3d model I created (inspired by Morrigan from Dragon Age).

Different customization options are available :
  • 5 Hair styles.
  • 5 Makeup styles (4 makeup styles and 1 no makeup style).
  • 4 eyebrow colors.
  • 8 eyelashes styles + Long or Short option for each style.
  • 20 eye colors (same options as custom Shepard + some NPCs colors ) + Custom color pickers.
  • 17 Hair colors (same options as custom Shepard + some NPCs colors) + Custom color pickers.
  • 25 face scars (same options as custom Shepard)
  • Blue renegade scars

WARNING the installer is still under developement. Some features are not implemented and bugs or unexpected behaviours can occur.

The DLC mount priority IDs I use are :
  • 4000 for the mod
  • 4001 for the Extended cut DLC patch
  • 4002 for MEHEM mod patch

A tutorial that explains how I made it is included (optional files).

By default, the customization options applied are :
  • Hair Style : Ciri bun
  • Hair Color : Eva
  • Eyebrows : Black
  • Eye Color : James
  • Makeup style: Makeup 4
  • Face Scars : No scars
  • Eyelashes style : Eyelashes 5 - Long
  • Renegade scars color : Red

A tutorial that explains how I made this mod is available (optional files).


From version 3.0 :

Before version 3.0 :


Regarding the tests I made and users feedback, it is compatible with :

Compatibility with JAM will be fixed in version 3.0.2.

I use cloned assets so other mods affecting Default FemShep can be applied on it, as long as the following features are not replaced :
  • renegade scars textures
  • Default FemShep Hair Mesh
  • Default FemShep Head Mesh

(The current version is a DLC mod, but it will change in further versions to avoid mods incompatibilities)


Please read 'Installation.pdf' or ReadMe.txt included in each version for details.

  • New complexions and Makeup styles
  • Tattoos
  • Pathfinder armor
  • Model Rig/Skin
  • Compacted TFC (sorry about the huge file, I forgot to compact it)

  • Installer face code + configuration save
  • New hair styles
  • Auto change the hair style depending on the casual outfit or the armor Shepard wears
  • Bloody nose and tears masks
  • Neck seam override & fix it on the vanilla game too => seams are still visible because of the lighting on UV seams in Unreal Engine. I will try to correct it but don't know if it is possible.
  • Add the mod to Mass effect 2 and Mass effect 1.
  • Update the tutorial : material edition to change eye, hair and skin color + how to deal with 3dsmax to export a skinned mesh with its normals and import it in UDK using the FBX format, clone assets.
  • New casual outfits.
  • Add TIM eyes.
  • Create a video tutorial to install the mod.
  • Add cloth simulation and physic on hair. unfortunatly not possible, but I will try to edit the skeletons to add cloth and hair animations.

  • Bloody nose texture position in Leviathan DLC.


Thank you to all ME3Explorer and ME3Tweaks authors and contributors : mods would not exist without you <3

Thank you to
Gildor for the ActorX tools : it helped me a lot !

Thank you to the Nexus community : your feedback helped me to release the best version as I could, and your kind words motivate me to enhance this mod.

And a big thank you to the modding community : best community in the universe <3


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion or bugs to report.
You can contact me on nexus forum or at [email protected].