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A mod which makes the Citadel DLC play like an epilogue.

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A new CEM Goodbye is now available. Although I'm not sure why, installing CEM Goodbye after installing ALOT is needed to avoid an endless loading screen. Works with both CEM Full and Lite. Changes the goodbye scene to, hopefully, provide more closure. Thanks to Autoola for doing the difficult animations for this scene. Examples here

Another known issue with the ALOT mod and CEM. This only applies to CEM Full and it affects only the apartment invite for James. Read the instructions in the zip file. Find the download at the bottom under Optional Files.

If you wanted to play CEM in German, you now have that option. While I haven't played it, Autoola has put in a lot of work and it looks solid.

If you wanted Polish subtitles for CEM, you now have that option. I haven't used it but ConfidenTi nazg2001 has made it.


If you are already using the party of the Citadel DLC as your ending or if you play the entire Citadel DLC as your ending, then this mod is for you.


Out of over 4,000 lines of dialogue and text, it changes less than 5% of the Citadel DLC to allow it to be played after the game is over. There is no talk of war, the reapers, Cerberus, or "winning." You can also opt for the lite, or party only version of the mod, to play the Citadel DLC and meetups during the main story and then celebrate after defeating the reapers.

Not required at all, but story wise the Citadel Epilogue Mod makes the most sense with one of the following.


JohnP's Alternate MEHEM

LIME - We Will Prevail

Although story wise this may not make sense, you might consider this as well.

Extended Cut to Citadel DLC


Ultimate Party - What this means is that after throwing the first phase of the party, instead of choosing to either have the next two phases be relaxed or rowdy, the party will instead go through phases 2 and 3 of relaxed, and then phases 2 and 3 of rowdy. Basically, except for the few nuances between the relaxed and rowdy versions of phase 1, a player can now experience all party options in one party when finishing the game. There is an option in the installer to not use this new feature, aptly named, No Ultimate Party.

Miri/Jack to Normandy - An install option, this will allow a romanced Miranda or Jack to turn and walk to the Normandy during the goodbye scene instead of away from Shepard and the crew.

No Kolyat - An install option for CEM Full where the email from Kolyat will not show up for a memorial service for Thane.

No Anderson Intro - An install option for CEM Full where the saved video message from Anderson will not play. Instead the player is put right into the apartment when entering.

No Limits - An install option for CEM Full where all the blocks to the Citadel DLC starting after the credits roll are removed. This allows a player to either relax a bit before starting up the mod and future proofs it against any new ending mods which may not have a transition mod.


If you're using MEHEM, JAM, or LIME and want CEM to work with it, you need to download two files.

First, always grab either

CEM Full Automatic Installer (play the entire Citadel DLC after the credits)
CEM Lite Automatic Installer (play the Citadel DLC during the main story, saving only the party for after the credits)

Second, grab the transition mod which matches what you use.

An example would be this. You downloaded the CEM Full Automatic Installer and you use JAM. Download the JAM to CEM Automatic Installer as well.

Requires the Citadel DLC to function.

For the SP Controller Mod, put both the SP Controller Mod and CEM into mod manager and choosing an option to "create a compatibility patch" will allow mod manager to create a patch which will allow the two mods to work just fine together. I haven't tested it but it should work.

BackOff needs a patch. More info on the BackOff page.

EGM version 1.0.6 and higher has native support for CEM.


If you want to uninstall this mod, simply go to your Mass Effect 3 install directory\BIOGame\DLC and delete DLC_EXP_CEMF or DLC_EXP_CEML and also any transition mods; DLC_CON_MtoCF, DLC_CON_JtoCL, etc.


After getting permission from Faunts and Malukah and doing some work myself, the JAM v1.5 to CEM installer now offers music options. Original music (which starts with Das Malefitz in case you didn't know,) Reignite/Das Malefitz, and a pretty heavily edited M4 (Part1)/Das Malefitz. If you choose one of the new credits options, the destroy epilogue music is also changed to that of the splash screen music you hear when you start the game.

LIME - We Will Prevail offers everything listed above except, given the nature of the mod, it does nothing with epilogue music.

Scene showing the destroy epilogue with new music

Credits with Reignite/Das Malefitz

Credits with M4 (Part 1)/Das Malefitz


Simply read the instructions during install. The license agreement is where everything is explained in detail. Even if you don't use MEHEM, JAM, the Extended Cut, or LIME, you still have options. It is recommended you install this mod before you can do anything in the Citadel DLC, so feel free to install before you even begin a play through of Mass Effect 3.

I also recommend you keep your Effective Military Strength (EMS) high. Since Gibbed doesn't always work, I keep my EMS high by visiting

Check out LIME as well because it solves some issues people were having when experiencing difficulties getting the EMS high enough.

Q & A for the most common questions

Q: Did you use custom audio or original audio files?
A: Any audio file changes use voices of the original cast. Mostly the lines are from Mass Effect 2 and the remaining few from Mass Effect 1 and 3. Now the changed lines are almost entirely lip synced as well.

Q: What other changes did you make?
A: Most of the remaining changes are text changes in emails, primarily from the Armax Arsenal Area. Very few lines were cut. Most of those are actually lines of people as you pass by them on the Silversun Strip and not critical lines to the DLC. Texture changes to replace ads which wouldn't be used during the time period of CEM.

Q: Do you keep your weapons and armor you get during CEM Full for an NG+ play through?
A: Shockingly, it appears yes. I have the M-7 Lancer I picked up during CEM Full when I did an NG+. Didn't get to the armor to confirm but odds are you'd keep that too. Thanks klaydabbz, for asking the question. 

Q: How did you deal with the goodbye scene?
A: It's largely intact but given the minor line tweaks and music change, it should leave you with the impression that Shepard is simply off to do more standard duty, not going off to his or her death. Hopefully it will allow you to leave the trilogy with a good feeling closer to ME1 or ME2's endings. However, I didn't want to leave you with no options so the automatic installer now includes a total of 3 music options, one of which is the original Citadel DLC "Farewell and Into the Inevitable."