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ReShade preset for Mass Effect 3.

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This is a simple ReShade preset I made for Mass Effect 3. Its designed to enhance vanilla visuals without making any drastic changes. It should also work with the previous two games.

Illusive ReShade Mass Effect 2


1 - Download and install ReShade (select the ME3 executable, click on Direct3D 9 and select Yes to download the shader suite).
2 - Pick the following effects: LUT, SMAA, LumaSharpen & Ambient Light.
3 - Download my file and extract its contents to Mass Effect 3\Binaries.
4 - Start the game and the preset should be active. If not, open the ReShade GUI (Home) and select Illusive ReShade ME3.ini.
5 - Enable Performance Mode if you aren't making any changes.

Main - Meant to be used with Vignette Remover.
Alternate - Meant to be used without Vignette Remover.
Of course, you can use either version with or without that mod if you like the way it looks in-game.

1 - Enable downsampling using DSR or VSR to further reduce jaggies and improve picture quality.
2 - Use Nvidia Profile Inspector to force AO and AA if needed. Note: AO looks funky in certain areas.
3 - Install Reduced Lens Flares to get rid of those excessive lens flares. 

If you have any issues, let me know in the comments section. And if you like the preset, then please don't forget to endorse it.