Mass Effect 3
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Removes the tunnel vision effect that ruins photos and videos of ME3

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This is a simple mod I made that removes the Vignette Post Processing element.
This lets you take nice screenshots and videos (and tiledshots) without having to use ReShade.
This completely removes the darkened corners that appear on the screen, leaving no trace behind.
Even ReShade leaves a bit of darkness in the corners - and this comes with none of the caveats ;)

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Title Screen
Geth Core

This is a Mod Manager mod. Simply drag and drop the download onto Mod Manager to import it, select it and hit apply.

Mod Manager will update the mod in your library for you as I release updates. 

To remove it, restore BASEGAME.

ME1 Vignette Remover | ME2 Vignette Remover

This file should be compatible with any other mod that doesn't replace Engine.pcc.

This mod must be installed before you install ALOT. It will cause issues if installed after
and the ALOT team won't support your installation.

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