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  • EGM Contents and Changes (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    For those interested this is a guide to what EGM has changed. The document contains extensive spoilers.

    Do not read this if you want to experience the mod fresh.


    Entire ShipMarines - numbers can be set in the manifest.  Need to have appointed a Marine Lieutenant.
    Normandy Stereo (plays throughout ship). Button on each deck.
    Reaper War notifications - Alliance Intel reports on the war, hints to locations of GAW Assets.  Customised to playthrough.

    Ship's Manifest - allows the player to customise the Normandy. Some crew members must be spoken to before they can be appointed.
    Crew manifest reflects in game history (e.g. Tali exile/admiral, Garrus trained as Spectre or C-SEC, Vega N7 etc.)

    Crew: Appo...

  • Modders Resources (EGM and Add-ons)

    For other modders who wish to build in compatibility with EGM :

    This covers EGM and its add ons (including Ark Mod, Omega Hub, Miranda Mod etc)

    Test plot if EGM is installed bool 29400 = TRUE
    Test conditional if EGM is installed conditional 5019 = TRUE
    Expanded Galaxy Mod Mount: 5000
    Add-on mounts range 5010-4990
    DLC TLK ID: 945100
    TLK Range: 944000 - 978000

    Conditional range: 4600 - 5999
    State events range: 8700 - 9499...

  • EGM Achievements Guide

    EGM Achievements Guide (v1.0)
    • ME3EGM's achievement system relies on Shepard’s decisions and achievements throughout the entire trilogy. You must have imported saves from ME1 and ME2 to complete them all. 

    • Achievement triggers are checked when using the Galaxy Map, Private Terminal, or a purchase terminal on the Normandy.

    A True Friend

    Never let your friends down: be a steadfast ally of the krogan throughout the series.

    ·        Wrex saved on Virmire
    ·        Found/Returned Wrex’s family armor
    ·        Grunt recruited / loyal / survived
    ·        Killed the Thresher Maw on Tuchanka
    ·   ...