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  1. Jajjo
    • supporter
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    I can't find the "usesSharedCooldown" in the PCC file. I've searched for default__sfxPower, but it only finds an entry for each individual power.
    Anyone got a screenshot of the variable I need to edit?

    Edit; never mind found it. I had to reload the pcc file. Not sure what happened, but it was not showing the whole file in the explore tab.
  2. Tomixx1111
    • supporter
    • 24 posts
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    Thank you for the tip with the sharedcooldown flag. I use ÄLOT along with some other mods and despite CreeperLavas dire warning that me3explorer would break my game i used it to change the flag and it works quite fine so far :-). I also found the shared cooldown very annoying. Now i play on Insanity and enjoy it a lot!
  3. shiningstarkiller
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    Got a problem. Got infinite Ammo from out of nowhere and i kinda like the thermal clip implementation....soo if anyone knows a way to cease this. Please Pm Me or Email me to [email protected] (Problem fixed)
    • member
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    Shared cooldown for ME 1 if anybody knows how or if possible?
    1. brfritos
      • member
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      For what I understood of your message you want to implemente the shared cooldown in ME1, is it right?

      This mechanic is HORRIBLE, why on Earth you want to do that?! :o
  5. chingchongchriss
    • member
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    hello every one, i am super new to modding. can anyone explain to me step by step how to install this mod?
    1. Wisegal
      • premium
      • 202 posts
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      In response to post #63030526.


      This one is pretty easy to install, so it's good for a newbie. First thing to know about modding mass effect is that you have to do it manually, so don't use Vortex even if the "mod manager" button is active. Here's the step by step:

      1.) Download the mod by clicking manual install and unzip the archive to the folder of your choice. I keep a folder called "gaming" on my HDD with sub-folders for each game I mod (I do a LOT of modding, haha).
      2.) you'll see a file named "SFXGame.pcc" in your newly unzipped folder.
      3.) find the Mass Effect 2 folder on your HDD. It's usually found at program files/origin games/Mass Effect 2, on whatever hard disk you installed the game to. If you only have one HDD, that will be C:
      4.) Once you've found the Origin Games/Mass Effect 2 Folder, open the folder called "BioGame"
      5.) Open the folder "cookedPC". (Remember how to get to both this folder and "BioGame", because if you install more mods you'll be in both of them frequently.)
      6.) Find the file in that folder called "SFXGame.pcc" and copy it. Paste it into a folder in the location of your choice (like that gaming folder) called "vanilla backups", so you can easily revert to an unmodded game if you choose to.  You should ALWAYS create vanilla backup files prior to modding any game. Modding can be finicky at times, so it's not terribly uncommon to have to revert to vanilla and you really don't want to be forced into re-downloading the whole game to fix a few files.
      6.) Copy the "SFXGame.pcc" file you downloaded and paste it into the CookedPC folder. Allow the overwrite when asked.
      7.) Enjoy your freshly modded game.
  6. starfall21
    • member
    • 108 posts
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    could you make a file that would play nice with "no minigames" it has single probe scanning and auto complete mini games but your file takes away the single probe scanning... and for some reason i cant use me3explorer to change the value... it just wont change it... i dont know what to do... i dont want to scan all the planets ALL over again but i dont want to miss the nosharedcooldowns either...
    1. starfall21
      • member
      • 108 posts
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      or if you dont want to upload such version could you just change that value in no minigames sfxgame and send it to [email protected] ... i would really appreciate it...
    2. WexWinters
      • member
      • 3 posts
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      I'm having this same problem. Power cool downs is working. No mini games is working. 360 controller is working. Single probe scan is not
  7. vtudor
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    I have this mod, No Minigames, Reshade 3.1.2, did not install a lot; yet everything works just fine: the lack of shared cooldown, hacking procedure etc. Just thought i'd share, its april 2018.
  8. xHASJx
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    Is it possible to make this work with the No MiniGames mod by Dybuk? Thanks!


    I actually read the description for once! Thanks again!
  9. SilverAxe001
    • member
    • 907 posts
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    Would it be even possible to replace Jack's power Pull with charge? This would give the squadmates bigger versitality of powers.
  10. ArJed
    • supporter
    • 247 posts
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    Nice results!. Well done. There are one thing left: if somewone create the mod which converts all weapons to use heat (ME1 style).

    [edit] Already done) ME2 Weaponry tweaks: