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Mass Effect HD Texture Overhaul

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Welcome to:
Mass Effect Updated/Improved Textures Mod) by CDAMJC 

Hello Mass Effect modders and mod users,

I'm trying to fix some of the "uglies" in ME1 and give it the polished look the epic story line deserves. So far I have updated/re-textured: Light and Shadow Maps on walls and floors (Normandy Citadel and Feros covered so far), Kaidan, Tali, Garrus, Wrex, Liara, Saren, Benezia, Udina, Council, Anderson, Joker, Chakwas, Geth, Colonists, Scientists, Keepers, Normandy, Mako, many NPC clothings, Geth ship, volus, hanar, elcor, Salarians, Batarians some armors, default character armors including N7 armor (of characters re-textured) and various environmental textures.

This was all achieved by texture editing (up-scaling, re-painting, adding details, adding texture, adding pattern, and using that to rebuild spec maps, spec power maps, and normal maps). Then once all the details are added I load up the Character models into Photoshop and paint away texture seams as best as possible. I added a higher resolution film grain for crisper picture with film grain one.

This mod also introduces soft shadow shaders by daemonjax, tweaked by myself and tweaked bioengine.ini settings for texture streaming and soft shadow setting by me and other various quality improvements by Aquadran all done behind the scenes by the installer ro manually in MEM for advanced users. Lastly I have included a ReShade preset that I customized specifically for MEUITM to add next gen lighting and effects as best as possible without betraying the original feel of the game while adding some effects to mimic visual styles seen in Unreal Engine 4.

Requests are always welcome :)

New in Anniversary edition 2018:


Special thanks to GameSpace for their article!
Special thanks to PCGamesN for their article!

Thank You For Using:

Before and After screens:

Install Video (read below if you have any trouble )

Mod Variant Comparisons:

Let's get Started:

Ideal pre-install steps to allow the mod and game to run properly and prevent issues:

0)Yes step zero :)Install the game fresh but don't run it yet. (you can still install the mod on a game that's been run this just is the ideal way to start)
Install vanilla
Mass Effect but don't run it yet.

**This mod is not compatible with old MEUITM for file structure reasons. You need reset to vanilla before installing the new version, there is currently no way around this. If you don't the installer will abort as to avoid breaking your game**

1)Install any other mods that you want that are non-texture based now (they can also be texture based but MEUITM will overwrite any that are covered in it). Mainly this applies to same sex romances, Xbox 360 controller support, any mods that alter the games files etc...these mods will break MEUITM and the game if installed after.
Install the mods for vanilla compatibility (Ignore MEUITM versions as they refer to the old MEUITM which is incompatible.)

2). Run Once.
Now we can run the game one time for the game to establish directories, paths, and settings. This is a good time to go in and Max Out in-game graphics settings and choose your gaming resolution (use left and right arrows to see resolutions not displayed in the drop down in game menu) and test any mods you may have installed before MEUITM. Also if you've never played Mass Effect before please run around a bit in vanilla so you can see what it is the mod is aiming to improve.

3). If you use Origin you must disable game auto updates, if you don't it will revert Mass Effect to vanilla textures.

Now we are ready to install the mod:

Happy 10 years of Mass Effect!

MEUITM Anniversary Edition is the new version of MEUITM , it uses MEM with a user friendly installer.

Benefits of MEM and the new installer:

Smaller download size
More localizations support (only textures are being installed)
Improved performance
Perfect mipmap function 
2K texture option at the installer level for even more performance
Boat loads of new and revised textures.

Special thanks to Aquadran for MEM and all the support getting this going including the nice installer!

Special thanks to CreeperLava for pointing me towards MEM, support, and all of the work on ALOT!

To install:

Extract the MEUITMAnniversay.zip.
From the extracted folder, run MassEffectModder.exe and click "install".
(Optional) check the 2k box of your system has lower specs.

Follow any prompts but mostly kick back until it's done and then launch MassEffect.exe like normal.

Happy New Year enjoy...:)

For AMD CPU owners to fix an old bug with the game Download and install FPS Counter by Pharago:

FPS Counter
(Nexus)  Alternate Link (Pharago website) 

All users should also be interested in FPS Counter because it adds SweetFX/ENB style color, sharpening, and lighting tweaks in game with a slider menu and the best ambient occlusion support you can find for Mass Effect, a feature ENB sweetfx gemfx and resahde are all missing in Mass Effect.  Download, tweak away, and enjoy!

Dynamic Shadow Fix manual install (standalone mod):

Install the "soft shadows" by extracting the contents of the zip file in to your game directory example: "C:\Origin\Mass Effect\" 

Then for them to take effect you must clear the shader cache, to clear the shader cache (steps heavily taken from https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Mass_Effect): 

1) Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Published\CookedPC.2) Delete LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk.3) Go to <path-to-game>\BioGame\CookedPC.4) Delete or rename LocalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk.5) Restart and behold soft shadows.
The game will take longer to boot on the first run after performing the above steps. This is due to the engine recaching. Following the first boot, each subsequent boot up should be as normal. 

To further enhance the shadows and match the screenshots from the mod:

Lastly, to match the screenshots you will need to install the MEUITM Reshade loactated in the mod's "addons" sections. Simply extract the contents in to the binaries folder in you Mass effect install directory.**Note- FPS Counter is not comaptible with ReShade so you will need to amke a choice as to which one you want to use.**


Mass Effect Troubleshooting:

Mass Effect with or without the mod can crash and have issues!!!!!!! The most prominent issues and crashes are: 

1- Hardware sound issues.  
These will cause random invalid page faults and crashes. There are pages and pages online of people with this issue back to 2008. Google is your friend here. Usually a fairly simple bioengine.ini fix which will vary depending on your audio hardware.

2- Black Blocky characters on Noveria and Ilos.  
This is caused by playing the game on any post 2008 AMD processors (bulldozer or later chipsets) this is because Mass Effect is seeing AMD and looking for 3Dnow instruction sets that existed when it was made.  AMD has ditched these instructions in their latest processors causing miss timings and faults in communication between Mass effect and the CPU.  Due to this you will also see black textures for characters on Noveria and Ilos.

video of the issue on unmodded game with workaround fix:

**The black blob character texture bug is now completely fixed by FPS Counter, see link above**

3- Black/missing terrain textures on Therum. 
This is a known game glitch see the link below for the fix:


Mod Troubleshooting:

1- My shadows on faces are blocky I don't like it: 
You didn't clear your shader cache before running the game because the shadows from Daemonjax completely resolve this problem.

2- Textures aren't showing up and/or are black (not the black character bug on Noveria and Ilos this is and AMD processor issue fixed by the FPS Counter software linked above):
This is a result of an incomplete install, Origin updating the game back to vanilla, or installing another mod after MEUITM which has altered things to be incompatible. To fix, try first reinstalling MEUITM. Make sure to Disable Origin's auto update feature for games.  if it still persists uninstall and then reinstall the game.

3- My game is not saving anymore after installing the mod:

This has to do with your antivirus flagging MassEffect.exe after the changes MEM makes to the .exe are applied.  It seems to mainly affect disc versions of the game. Here is the fix found by user jpscyther:

"So I found the problem. My antivirus is deleting my saves. Apparently MassEffect.exe was added to the blocked list and wasn't allow to read/write to my Documents folder. I removed MassEffect.exe from the blocked list and added to the Allow list. The issue has been resolved."


Currently there are two ways to thoroughly uninstall the mod:  

The play it safe - If you backed up the vanilla files, you can simply delete the modded versions and replace with your backup and delete the bioengine.ini in the My Documents\Bioware\Config directory.

Ol' Faithful - Uninstall the game through windows program manager and delete the bioengine.ini in the My Documents\Bioware\Config directory.

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