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Fixes the 'black blobs' glitch that occurs on Noveria and Ilos on AMD processors made after 2010

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This mod fixes the black blobs glitch that appears on Noveria and Ilos when playing the game on an AMD processor made after 2010. It is believed this is due to the 3DNow! instructions being removed from those CPUs onward.

This bug is also fixed by the FPS Counter plugin, however that plugin does not work with reshade or sweetFX, and comes with additional changes that I personally am not okay with in a game. This mod only fixes this bug and nothing else.

If you're an Intel user, don't use this mod, it will only slightly diminish your lighting on these maps. On Ilos, near the end, the Mako will be fairly dark, as it seems these lights affected the Mako for the most part.

How it's fixed
This is technically more of a workaround - there are several directional lights on these maps that seem to trigger this issue - not all of them, but some of them, and there is nothing really to denote which ones trigger it. I simply trial-and-errored removing them from the level. In the end I removed about 13 lights. They don't technically change anything on AMD since they didn't work anyways. The side effect of this mod (vs Intel) is that these areas will have slightly dimmer characters. But there are thousands of other light sources on these maps so it's not that noticeable and it is far nicer than having huge black blobs on the screen.

Installation of this mod is only supported through ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Installing this mod manually will not work as Mod Manager installs files this mod depends on to function. Drag and drop the download onto the interface and either import and apply it, or directly install it at the import window. This mod must be installed before any texture mods.

This mod installs a DLC mod named DLC_MOD_AMDLightingFix.