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Can load a user defined list of logic mods, meant to alleviate the problem of logic mods overwriting each other.

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This mod does very little on its own, it will add a menu that you can open with the F1 key, you can add logic mods with this menu and your list of mods will be saved and automatically loaded every time Sora is loaded in. This comes with no built in mods this is just a way for mod authors and users to use multiple logic mods without them overwriting and conflicting with each other.

To use the menu press the F1 key, a menu should open up. With this menu opened you can click in the upper most white box to enter a mod name and press enter to load the mod. Press the X next to the mod name to remove it from the list, however you will need to enter a new area to unload the mod. To exit the menu simply click out of the text box and hit F1 again.

If you're interested in making a mod for this, have a mod that would overwrite this, or are doing a full character replacement that would also overwrite this please read through this guide HERE