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Adds a Style Meter during battle similar to one from the Devil May Cry series! Requires Yuri's Modloader, and the command to type in is "StyleMeter".

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Adds a Style Meter during battle similar to one from the Devil May Cry series! Requires Yuri's Modloader, and the command to type in is "StyleMeter".

"Update 2.1"

(Misc Bug Fixes)

-You'll now you able to gain SP when any projectile you just fired hits an enemy while running around, falling, being idle, etc. This works for: Magic, Double Arrowguns' projectiles, the "Shooter Mode" for Double Arrowguns, and Shotlocks.


-Added an actual meter to the UI!
-With this meter in place, the Style Points Counter will now be hidden during fights to try and reduce screen clutter, but it will still show up when you finish a fight.

(New Additions/Changes)

-Successfully defeating enemies will grant 125 bonus SP, and is affected by the Style Multiplier. Unfortunately, It won't count for more than one enemy if you defeat multiple enemies simultaneously, however it will still count if multiple enemies are defeated about a split-second after one another. Sadly, this is just how the code for that had to turn out :(
-The Button Mash Counters have been removed, and have been replaced with Staleness Multipliers from the previous update. Button Mashers, rejoice!


-Getting hit will no longer reduce your Style Multiplier
-Switching weapons no longer gives you any SP
-Slightly decreased the amount of time it will take before Style Bleed kicks in
-(Normal Mode) Increased the amount of SP lost when getting hit from 500 to 1000 in ranks D-SSS
-(Hard Mode) Slightly decreased the amount of SP lost when getting hit in ranks D-SSS
-Heavily reduced the amount of SP gained from command finishers

-Style Point amounts when attacking have been increased all across the board!
-It should now be much easier to raise your rank up per hit.
-Staleness Multipliers have been tweaked all across the board

-So basically, every formchange/method of attacking has their own Staleness Multiplier. To sum it up, forms that have slower, single hard-hitting attacks with shorter combos (Hyper Hammer, Magic Launcher, etc.) will gain a lot of SP per hit, but have a faster decreasing Staleness Multiplier. Whereas forms that have faster, multi-hit attacks with longer combos (Double Form, Ultimate Form, Drill Punch, etc.) will gain less SP per hit, but have a slower decreasing Staleness Multiplier. Forms such as the default form, Second Form, Light/Dark Form, Agile Claws, etc. are a sort of a middle-of-the-road.

-In short, every single formchange combo should be able to get you up by one rank or just about one rank before you start getting diminishing returns. (D-C rank is sort of excluded, because that has a higher required amount of SP to reach)
-Don't just stay melee attacking in one form! Ya gotta switch weapons! And don't forget about Shotlocks!

"Update 2.0"

-Hit detection has been added!

"Patch 1.02"


-Removed the Munny Loss mechanic when getting hit

-Now includes a "Normal" and "Hard" Mode!

-Hard Mode is the same as it's been before

-Normal Mode includes a couple of tweaks to make the experience easier:
-Getting hit in ranks D-SSS only takes away 500 SP
-Getting hit in X Rank only takes away around 20% of your current SP.
-However, you now gain less Bonus Munny per fight in Normal Mode
-This is meant to give an incentive for those who want to try Hard Mode for more Munny 

"Patch 1.01"

(Misc. Bug Fixes)
-Rank Announcements will no longer play when your SP is bleeding.
-Fixed the Selfie Mode mechanic so that it will *only* work when in Selfie Mode, and changed the way it detects so (via animations) so it should feel more responsive.
-Air Sliding and Air Dodging should no longer stop your Style Bleed. Only the Aerial Recovery should do so.

-Decreased SP gained by attacking from 150 SP to 110 SP
-Increased SP gained by successfully guarding from 50 SP to 100 SP
-Slightly increased the points set when getting damaged from Ranks B-X (will now be around 500 points between two ranks, rather than seemingly dropping by 3 ranks when the intended amount was 2.)
-Taking a hit while you're in X Rank will no longer *set* your style points back to A Rank, rather it will just take around 40% of your current Style Points.
-Tweaked the dividers for distributing the Bonus Munny.
(Current Equation is your SP/(RankValue))
None/D- 2
S/SS/SSS - 1.6
X- 1.3
-Basically, you'll now need to work hard to get a higher rank so you can get try and get as much Bonus Munny as you can.

(New Additions/Changes)
-Reprisals no longer count towards your Button Mash Counter, and will always grant SP even when the threshold is met.
-Command Finishers will now grant SP! Certain ones will give either 250, or 375 SP (and is affected by the Style Multiplier)
-When getting new ranks starting at B Rank and up, you will now be given some MP to help keep up magic combos! You will only be given this MP if you hear the Rank Announcement.
-Added a new UI element that will display how many hits you took at the end of the fight! If you took no damage, then congrats, and it'll tell you if you didn't take any damage! It will also show the amount of Bonus Munny lost if you took damage.
-Yes, taking damage (hits i.e. when your Style Rank drops) will now take a small chunk away from your Bonus Munny (375 munny per hit).
-This will also lead into *negative* Bonus Munny, if you *really* "get your Keyblade handed to you" then you'll start *losing* munny. This is intentional, and is meant to encourage you to do well and not take any damage.

Y'all ready to be stylish in battle?
This mod is currently NOT COMPATIBLE with the Tres Mod Menu, and the C-Mod Menu.

I'll describe this mod in a li'l Q&A format to hopefully clear up any possible questions you might have.

Q: What is a "Style Meter"?
A: This mod is based off of the Style Ranking system in the Devil May Cry series, where you're ranked depending on how stylishly you fight.

Q: How do you get ranked?
A: By getting Style Points! You will gain Style Points (SP) by attacking, using magic, switching weapons, even by taking a selfie mid-fight! The ranking system will go:

1. D - Dismal: 250 SP
2. C - Crazy: 1500 SP
3. B - Badass: 2500 SP
4. A - Apocalyptic: 3500 SP
5. S - Savage: 4500 SP
6. SS - Sick Skills: 5500 SP
7. SSS - Smokin' Sexy Style: 6500 SP
8. A new rank! At 10,000 SP!
9. And a "special" rank given whenever you use Links!

Q: Exactly how do you gain Style Points?
A: Again, like I said in the above you will gain a certain amount of Style Points when doing certain actions:
-Attacking: 150 SP per attack
-Magic: 100 SP per use
-Weapon Switching: 50 SP per switch
-Successfully Guarding: 50 SP for every "perfect" guard. (Think of it like Dante's "Royal Guard")
-Double Arrowguns' "Auto Fire" mode: 25 SP every 0.1 second.
-Taking a selfie: 1,000 SP, but only every 10 seconds. (Good luck pulling it off in the first place...)
-Doing the "walk" after a reprisal or something similar

also, it's *technically* detecting your controller inputs when in certain states, rather than actually attacking.

Q: Why should I care about how well I do?
A: Well, it's honestly just user-preference. However, I've implemented a couple of incentives to motivate you to do well! At the end of the fight, on top of a High Score system, you'll be given some BONUS MUNNY depending on your end rank and your Style Points! This should help with some of the grindy-ness of munny when you need it! Especially in the LvD mod!

Q: I keep on mashing the A and B button like always and I don't get any more Style Points, what gives?
A: Ah, so you've run into my Anti-Button Mashing mechanic! Ya didn't think it'd be that easy, did ya?


-So, yes, I've implemented a system that detects when you've reached a certain threshold of button presses during a certain state (i.e. attacking), and once you've reached this threshold you won't gain any more style points until you *stop* pressing the button. Once you stop, it'll be on a cooldown that, once completed, will reset your Button Mash Counter for that specific state. The only states that have these "Cooldowns" are attacking, using magic, weapon switching, and using the Auto Fire mechanic for Double Arrowguns.
-Although, switching weapons will reduce both your attack and magic Button Mash Count by 2, so take advantage of it!

My intent is to force you to time your button inputs, rather than just mashing wildly
Q: How do I know if I reached my Button Mash Threshold?
A: Not to worry! I've added some icons next to the Style Points Counter to let you know when you've reached it! They will fade away when your Button Mash Count has reset:

Attack Icon

Weapon Switch Icon

Magic Icon

I wanted there to be a general 'flow' during combat, where you combine (mainly) all three mechanics of attacking, using magic, and switching weapons to let one another cool down to help rack up those Style Points!

Q: What's the "Style Multiplier"?
A: Exactly what it sounds like! It'll multiply the amount of Style Points you gain! You'll slightly increase your Style Multiplier anytime you: go into a formchange, use a command finisher, use a Team Attack command, or do a gesture in the Selfie mode!

Q: My Style Points just started decreasing, what is that?
A: That's a mechanic that I like to call "Style Bleed"! When you do *anything* that gains SP you're on a timer that, when completed, will start draining your SP until you do certain things (weapon switching excluded) such as:


-Attacking (no reached threshold)
-Magic (no reached threshold)
-Successfully guarding
-Going into Selfie Mode

Although, you can *prolong* the timer by doing some other actions like dodging, but it won't stop your SP from draining if it already is.

Q: What happens if you get hit?
A: When you get hit, you'll be set back by two ranks (S, SS, and SSS will be counted as one rank for this, so you'll be set back to B rank), your Style Multiplier will slightly decrease, and you'll immediately start bleeding your Style Points (however, you can immediately stop the Style Bleed if you are able to do the Aerial Recovery)

If you have any issues, bugs, questions, suggestions, etc. please let me know!
To install: simply extract the .zip folder and put the "pak" file in your ~mods folder.

Thank you so much for your support, and have fun!

Also, my High Score is 22,219 Style Points. Lemme know yours and/or if you beat mine!

ToxicTalus, Joseph, jackmoonward, Aproydix, and YuriLewd for teaching and helping me with blueprints. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to make this.
Cherryjiraden for suggesting and helping me with the High Score system.
The OpenKH Discord Community

KHIII - LvD Edition by Xantohjan and ToxicTalus
Improved Movement by Aproydtix
Re-Style by TruebladeSeeker
Turbo Mode by YuriLewd