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Adds the Coliseum with a whole host of features to the Realm of Gods in Olympus.

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Unzip the file and put it in "/KINGDOM HEARTS III/Content/Paks/~mods/".
Now simply head over to Apex in the Realm of Gods, and Meg and Pegasus will help you over to the Coliseum.


The Coliseum is quite flexible and should be compatible with almost anything. That said, there are still some things that could interfere with it:
  • Not compatible with mods that modify the Realm of the Gods umap file.
  • Older versions of my own mods, notably Improved Movement or Enemy Healthbars, may cause crashes. Simply update them.
  • Modifying the different ENVs and Checkmaps that the mod loads lighting from can break lighting.


There are a ton of features, and it's difficult to list them all, but here are some highlights:
  • New area - The Coliseum has been added to the Realm of the Gods overworld, featuring an area name, custom mini-map, and save point.
  • New NPCs - Meg, Phil, and Pegasus are here to help you out.
  • Cups, old and new - Recreated cups from KH1 and KH2, as well as new ones!
  • Scoring system - You gain score from defeating enemies. You gain more the faster you defeat them and the higher your health percentage.
  • Coliseum menu - Talk to Phil, and a menu with loads of cups becomes available.
- Press F, Triangle, etc. on the Series Menu to open Settings. Here you can change your settings and delete your progress.
- Profiles - Change your profile to change your saved progress.
- Crowd Density - The amount of people in the audience.
- Unlock Everything - Gives access to all cups and matches regardless of progress.
- No Restrictions - Disables restrictions such as those on Forms and Shotlocks.
- Always Scale Enemies - Scales enemies to match your level.
- Japanese Button Layout - Invert your confirm and cancel buttons to match a Japanese layout, this option is now automatic.
- Press F, Triangle, etc. on the Cup Menu to activate Hard Mode, similar to Paradox Cups from KH2.
  • Crowd - A Kingdom Hearts first: an actual crowd! The crowd density can be adjusted, and their size and colours are randomized.
  • Progression gating - Cups are locked off based on your progress in the game. This can be circumvented in the settings.
  • Cup rewards - Completing a cup for the first time will grant you various rewards.
  • Trophy stand - There's a stand in the Coliseum for all the trophies you've earned.
  • Coliseum Crown - Earned by completing all main cups. Can be loaded in other worlds by adding "ColiseumCrown" to the ModLoader.
  • Rulesets - Matches come with a variety of rulesets and restrictions.
  • Dynamic lighting and music - Music and lighting is set on a per match basis, giving a lot of flexibility.
  • Dynamic party - The player and party members are set on a per match basis. In the future I will allow you to override this as you please.
...and a whole lot more.

User-Created Content

This will require some modding know-how, but here's the guide for it.
Once complete the new .pak file can simply be placed in your mod folder.


The mod is in a pretty good state, but there are still many things that need to be added or improved:
  • Balancing is still incomplete, a lot of enemies remain untouched or need further changes. This has proved challenging and time-consuming.
  • KH3 Cups are somewhat complete, but I still intend on adding more variety with music, lighting, arenas etc.
  • Custom enemies, including Sephiroth, is something I want to include eventually. Some basic work on custom enemies has begun.
  • Victory Poses and such haven't been implemented yet, but I plan on only showing them once you complete a cup to not interrupt the flow and waste time.
  • Meg and Phil interactions need to be improved, hopefully also with voice acting in the future.
  • The Trophy Stand is mostly complete, but not all trophy models are complete.
...and (again) a whole lot more.

Known Bugs

  • There's a Concurrency Error that sometimes occur. This has hopefully been fixed as of 0.7.
Major Bugs
  • Some enemies have issues when spawned, such as not using path finding or bosses relying on external functions. This sadly means some enemies are kind of broken or simply won't work.
  • Teleporting enemies occasionally get stuck. Snipers especially do this.
Minor Bugs
  • Some item rewards are bugged and won't be awarded on Cup completion.
  • The Moogle Shop sometimes doesn't want to appear.
  • While cup restrictions can stop you from activating forms, they still appear among your reaction commands.
  • Team Attacks from non-standard party members could put you outside the arena.
  • Losing as a player other than Sora will cause the player's death animation to bug out.
  • Music doesn't transition smoothly like it should when changing tracks between matches.

RubyX_Coded, Dasmantissimo - German
pablo5425 - Spanish
NOXYAN - French
BlasterGrim - Italian
こまつな - Japanese
지놘 - Korean
Looking for a Chinese (Traditional) translator!

Special Thanks
Joseph - TresGame
Narknon - TresGame
Jeff - Testing and feedback
Accel - Testing and feedback
hamb0ng - Sephiroth animations and rigging
YuriLewd - Code help
CriticPerfect - Code help
Jackmoonward - Code help
ToxicTalus - Menu art assets
Sabertooth - AI help
CalebSmores - 3D doodads, plaque and trophies
dedede123 - KH2 voiceline extraction
Octodad - KH2 logo help
Timoram - KH2 music help
Everyone from OpenKH who have helped me test, and given feedback and support