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Animation speeds for starting, stopping, turning, landing, and more have been increased.
The goal is to generally make Sora's movement more responsive and feel better.
An optional file replaces some of Sora's movement abilities to reduce lag and clunkiness. Abilities are ported over from Double Form.

Permissions and credits
The main file includes animation speed increases and a file for experimental changes.
If your game crashes with a sound error, please remove the experimental file.
Changing animations can be a lot of work, there are hundreds of files being changed!

Place in "\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods\".

- Animation Speed Increases -
Run start, and turn animations are much much faster.
Stop, and stutter-step animations are ~4x faster.
Free fall transition is 2x faster.
Swim dive and turn is 1.5x faster.
Landing animations are cancel-able, and are faster.
Vaulting and hopping is 1.25x faster.
Sliding/vaulting/hopping animations should accept new input immediately (haven't been able to make them accept dodge/block yet).
Wall-run turn animations are 2x faster.
Practically removed the animation that plays when you bump into things.

- Value Edits in PawnBase -
Fall speed has been increased, and jump power has as well to compensate.
Glide speed and turn rate is faster.

- Experimental Changes -
Added an experimental file for Dodge Roll, Aerial Dodge, and Air Slide for base Sora. These are all 1.25x faster and cancel-able earlier. They include sound, which could potentially cause a crash, but I haven't seen it often.
These changes would mostly be overwritten by the Optional Abilities.

- Optional Abilities -
Double Flight  ->  DF Double Flight
Dodge Roll  ->  DF Dodge
Aerial Dodge  ->   DF Dodge
End of Super Slide  ->  DF Dodge
Super Jump  ->  DF Double Flight

- Compatibility -
Animation speed increases should be compatible with all other mods, as long as they don't change those exact animations.
ValueEdits are not compatible with other edits to PawnBase.
Sora's animation set is in one file, and as such, any mod that relies on that file will be incompatible with the animation ability changes.

- Plans for the future -
While we have figured out how to increase animation speeds, a lot of the movement logic is still set in code, and can't be changed as of now.
One of my biggest gripes is the lag after Air Sliding. This seems to be hardcoded and may be very difficult to fix.
Another thing I wish to change is how environmental movement stops you from dodging and blocking, but I haven't been able to so far.
Combat fixes? I want to make base Sora's combat and Flow Motion abilities more viable, I might include them here as a separate file, or as a different mod entirely.

- Thanks -
Thanks to Accelerator(Xydes2011) for help and inspiration!
Thanks to the OpenKH Discord, which serves as our main hub for modding!