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The goal is to generally make Sora's movement more responsive and feel better.
A mod menu has been added to change various values, opened with O.
Animation speeds for starting, stopping, turning, landing, and more have been increased.

An optional file replaces some of Sora's movement abilities.

Permissions and credits
The main file includes animation speed increases, and a second file contains changes to various movement values.
A menu can be opened by pressing the letter O key, to change various movement variables. To close it, simply click on the screen away from the menu and press O again.
The value changes are loaded through Sora's Idle animation, any mod that overwrites this will negate those changes.
Changing animations can be a lot of work, there are hundreds of files being changed!

Place in "\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Content\Paks\~mods\".
Now compatible with the ModLoader using the name ImprovedMovement. This is optional, and the mod still works standalone.

Also available for KH0.2.

- Value Edits -
Contains various improvements to base values and functionality.
A menu has been added to change these values on the fly, opened by pressing O:
- Gravity Scale
- Jump Power
- Sprint Delay
- Ground Speed
- Air Speed
- Air Slide CD
- Glide Speed
- Glide Turn Rate
- Swim Speed
- Swim Turn Rate
- Animation Speed

- Instant Doubleflight, lets you double jump as soon as you've started jumping.
- Slide/Hop to Guard, causes you to launch slightly upward, allowing you to to Guard or Air Slide almost instantly.
- Weapon Switching Override, allows you to cancel attack animations to change weapons mid-combo. You can specify how long it takes for the animation to be overriden if the game hasn't changed weapons normally yet.
- Infinite Jump

- Animation Speed Increases -
Several animations have been shortened and given earlier cancel frames.
Super short animations:
- Run start
- Run turn
- Bumping into things

4x speed animations:
- Stopping
- Stutterstep

2x speed animations:
- Free fall transition
- Wall run

1.5x speed animations:
- Swim dive
- Swim turn

1.25x speed animations:
- Vaulting
- Hopping
- Landing animations
- Air Slide
- Aerial Dodge (Optional)
- Dodge Roll (Optional)

- Optional Abilities -
Double Flight  ->  DF Double Flight
Dodge Roll  ->  DF Dodge
Aerial Dodge  ->   DF Dodge
End of Super Slide  ->  DF Dodge
Super Jump  ->  DF Double Flight

- Known Issues -
None currently! Just be aware that some custom values could potentially cause issues.

- Compatibility -
- Animation speed increases should be compatible with all other mods, as long as they don't change those exact animations.
- ValueEdits are dependent on Sora's Idle Animation, and will not work if overwritten! If you're a modder and want your mod to be compatible, create an Actor named MovementValueActor in /Blueprints/ImprovedMovement/ and refer to it using a Notify to spawn actors. Just don't pak the actor.
- Sora's animation set is in one file, and as such, any mod that relies on that file will be incompatible with the animation ability changes.

- Plans for the future -
While we have figured out how to increase animation speeds, a lot of the movement logic is still set in code, and can't be changed as of now.
Some of the fixes like Slide/Hop to Guard and Weapon Switch Override aren't quite perfect, would be nice to change these.
Combat fixes? I want to make base Sora's combat and Flow Motion abilities more viable, I might include them here as a separate file, or as a different mod entirely.

- Thanks -
Thanks to Accelerator(Xydes2011) and YuriLewd for help and inspiration!
Huge thanks to everyone in the OpenKH Discord, which serves as our main hub for modding! All of this is possible thanks to them.