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  1. spraguep
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    Updated on 2019-11-25 to 1.35

    Merged and
    Thanks to aleksey-orekhov for sending in the PRs.

    Mods can't access files directly via lua anymore. Replaced autocheat.txt with autocheat.lua see home page documentation.

    Feel free to send pull requests for bug fixes and changes.
  2. spraguep
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    Useful Links & Commands

    List of items IDs and names:

    I've prepared a new ID list for Codex entries if anyone is interested in adding or removing codex entries.

    For the sake of convenience, I've also prepared another list where you can copy and paste the commands into a .txt file and have the entire Codex unlocked in one command rather than doing it individually:

    I've also made some corrections and additions to the Character Perk ID list. So please use the updated one below instead of the stickied one.

    Max Stats:
    cheat_set_stat_level stat:str level:20
    cheat_set_stat_level stat:agi level:20
    cheat_set_stat_level stat:vit level:20
    cheat_set_stat_level stat:spc level:20

    Max Skills:
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:alchemy level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:drinking level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:herbalism level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:horse_riding level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:hunter level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:lockpicking level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:repairing level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:pickpocketing level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:reading level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:stealth level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:defense level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_axe level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_bow level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_mace level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_sword level:20
    cheat_set_skill_level skill:weapon_unarmed level:20

    Get DLC items:
    cheat_add_item id:40a2b1d3-f475-a8f3-667a-075486518b8f : Warhorse hauberk
    cheat_add_item id:41a9ea6a-eed1-471c-754a-196d368245a6 : Warhorse greaves
    cheat_add_item id:42414d23-c8dc-7b1a-31e6-00644075feaa : Warhorse coif
    cheat_add_item id:42c04555-15cb-ac3a-aef4-e377a125aca5 : Warhorse gauntlets
    cheat_add_item id:44f5058a-a445-887b-d443-32fe726b528c : Warhorse pauldrons
    cheat_add_item id:4572c66d-bdf2-fa90-def9-c6fd3e877ca9 : Warhorse gambeson chausses
    cheat_add_item id:485e549c-73c9-6caa-2d62-f03de0c20e91 : Warhorse shoes
    cheat_add_item id:4afcfba0-8899-4509-b099-c30f58e100b8 : Warhorse gambeson
    cheat_add_item id:4bef1aa8-1d05-6ecc-7797-083fa321cf80 : Warhorse brigandine
    cheat_add_item id:4c828be7-10e9-d339-7492-cf73f5c5ba88 : Warhorse waffenrock
    cheat_add_item id:481cfd5b-b646-1c6b-ff58-af749941cf9e : Warhorse helmet

    Get Sir Radzig's gear:
    cheat_add_item id:40edf98e-f577-4192-67cd-4f1776d14ea4 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:421f173c-99b2-f030-cedd-0ba2a25270ac amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:42ed6b9c-19c5-0b8c-5feb-bfe0d7001997 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:4dc120cc-1a9c-aaf4-939a-c843e2ea2394 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:4fbc8b16-6e58-af4e-8b95-59963da5ef96 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:431a2a36-312d-d6b0-ddff-fcaddc294291 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:44135951-cf1c-f2fd-15f0-0f0ea223a584 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:46f0f01a-ec0e-82af-8947-fc15bcf1df82 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:46021c09-1a2e-2683-bd92-d17cb66fb390 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:41f6e46c-bca6-16da-169a-f0c8f1a6e2ab amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:9f30ca3f-65c0-42f4-be71-cb8f4cc2af7f amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:af6f2946-ce54-4e38-9b2b-5ab95d5c4777 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:a9d80dd4-2792-463a-9fcb-825677667e69 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:d7a081e8-2b8c-49d0-915d-2d3c8d4c5274 amount:1 health:100
  3. Grubbs008
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    Some more DLC items. *You can only copy and paste 3 at a time properly.*

    Lords of Leipa set (tourney set + matching extras)

    cheat_add_item id:4e92a77b-f989-fa76-4147-4ed3cf5c0faf amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:41ad6890-dc2e-96d5-2ead-ba01ecf69799 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:479b4760-f3b3-0d23-40f7-9a2f899676b0 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:4a641ae4-ee0a-9311-872e-7742a2fdedbe amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:46a58b43-9c1c-5f0e-32a7-5655b44470b9 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:b48f2290-b002-4b87-baf7-ad55a44727a1 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:402c55d2-ae62-bf47-823f-8a5760eab7bd amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:42857dcb-baff-8a29-fd59-b779b12589b1 amount:1 health:100
    cheat_add_item id:42d47b43-637d-58da-5fed-2f71259cd093 amount:1 health:100

    Sinew Bow (best bow)

    Cheat_add_item id:9bafcc7f-3931-4cc4-89ce-8f6ab205dfa8 amount:1 health:100

    Boarback Shield (best shield)

    Cheat_add_item id:bbd53a21-4228-4488-9cd2-bbec6c4bfb1e amount:1 health:100

    Zoul gear (B of B)
    Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_hagen_helmet amount:1 health:100
    Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_hagen_ruce amount:1 health:100
    Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_hagen_kyrys amount:1 health:100
    Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_hagen_plat_noh amount:1 health:100
    Cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_shield_hagen amount:1 health:100

  4. Cartnor1
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    Using "cheat_own_all_stolen_items" causes my game to crash every single time without fail, even when I have next to nothing in my inventory. The weird thing is that it worked for the first few times I used it and just recently started crashing. I haven't installed any new mods since it did was working. Anyone else with this issue or anyone have any idea of how to fix it?
  5. milkyboi1
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    can you update it to the latest version of the game ? (1.9.6) please
  6. fearless098
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    Ok so this worked before no problem but after Installing easybattle mod (for easy master strikes) is there anyway to fix this problem or do I need to delete the other one?
  7. Ensui99
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    Cheat Mod is not working for me can somebody help? the console command is there but i can't type any cheat
    1. ro0603
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      Hit the key beneath esc
    2. boouw
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      @ro0603 thank you so much, its working fine now haha xD
  8. FallGeneral
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    How do I use the Find NPC and Teleport NPC commands? I always get an "[ERROR] Missing required argument [token]"
  9. Martin220901
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    For some reason the mod is not compatible to the current version. I'm using Steam version btw. Everytime i try to extract the zip file in the mod folder, it automatically changed to "mods_old" . Anyone know the solution ?
    1. jerssyVans
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      you can try change "mods_old" to "Mods";i did it success
  10. theredwolf
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    I really wish this worked. :(  Aside from things like f5. Nada No console. (steam version, no dlcs)
  11. Milankejval
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    hi im using gog version and can i somehow enable the devmode there?
  12. HyperCollider
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    What is the command to raise Charisma independantly?
  13. Mgtomig
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    Is it possible to remove the annoying quest items using Remove_all_items?
    1. R3DneckSuperman
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      Yes. it works, but it removes EVERYTHING. So put what you wanna keep on your horse. (can't put quest items on the horse though)