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In the wake of the collections announcement, I have decided to take advantage of the grace period and have all my mods deleted. Neither can nor will I support the underlying vision or the new business model and direction of NM in any way. While the collection feature may seem very laudable, it comes at the expense of mod authors and puts them at a significant disadvantage. Depriving them oy any control by binding them unconditionally to their terms of service through a enforced lifetime license undermines the copyright law of most countries outside UK. In theory the copyright law still exists, but it cannot be applied to its full extent. Those are the tricks of slimy lawyers but certainly not the practices of a company you can trust. Such practices are despicable in every way I can think of.


Looking at all of the changes implemented since the official announcement for the collection feature, It is perfectly clear that no matter what NM employees say about it, the simplification of modding for users was just an excuse. Much more important are profit maximization and the achievement of gaining full control over all uploaded content. Any other attempt at an explanation by NM employees is just a big lie and deliberate deception of their users.


I can understand that some of you might question my decision or even be upset. However, since you cannot make this decision on my behalf, you must simply accept it. With the implemented changes and the actual ToS in mind, I lack any motivation to create new mods and maintain or continue to support existing ones. Overall, this breach of trust is irreparable. My decision in no longer publishing mods on NM is therefore final. I will certainly not send any mod anyone who asks for it via PM.


Illegal file sharing is not a service to the general public, but a deliberate disregard and violation of the rights of the content creator and therefore punishable under applicable law. I will take all means at my disposal against anyone who uploads my work without permission or distributes it in any other way.


For all the experience gained and a lot of beautiful memories I would like to thank all users of my mods from the bottom of my heart!

You can find some of my work here: