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In the wake of the Collections announcement, I decided to take the "grace period" and have all my mods deleted. Neither can I nor do I want to support the underlying vision or the new business model in any way. At first glance, the request may seem quite laudable, but ultimately it goes only to the detriment of the mod authors and brings them significant disadvantages.


I can understand that some of you will question my decision or may even be upset. But since it is a very personal decision, you just must accept it. I can't give you any say in this matter. With the announced changes in mind, I lack any motivation to create new mods and maintain or continue to support existing ones. Overall, this breach of trust by Nexus is irreparable. My decision to no longer publish anything on Nexus Mods, therefore, final.


Many, if not most, of my mods are updates or conversions of existing mods from inactive mod authors. To protect the rights of these authors and because I don't want to violate the Nexus Mods ToS, I will not offer my mods for download on any other platform. If someone uploads my work without authorization, I will take action against it.


For the past year and a half, you have accompanied me on an exciting journey. I've learned a lot about modding and game development, made many new contacts, and broadened my personal horizon quite a bit. Despite some darker moments along the way, I have always enjoyed interacting with all of you.


For all the experience gained and a lot of beautiful memories I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart