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This Park is the park before it got destroyed, This Includes the Habitats for the Dinosaurs. The Enclosures are not broken, neither the buildings. I should be telling you this but, they have been Government Plans with some dinosaurs. Up at the North of the Island are Weapons used for the Navy. Some may include some Unauthorised Hybrid Dinosaurs.

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This is a Re-Upload.

The Park can go into different sections. Firstly. The Science Centre. The Science Centre included The Hatchery, The Hatchery was supposed to be a Small Enclosure, to eventually tranquilize the dinosaurs, to then move to their Enclosure. Unfortunately, The Albertosaurus and 1993 Velociraptors weren't very happy about their size in their Enclosure. Lets just say we had to move them. Another section is the Entertainment Centre. Where our favourite dinosaur couple the Tyrannosaurus Rex  Buck and Dough are happy to live nearby. On the Right of the Entertainment Centre is the Hybrid Division. There you can See our Hybrids! Including the Velociraptors from Isla Sorna.

We Showcase the Savannah Indominus Rex and the Anklydocus and Stegoceratops! On the Left Section we have the Herbivore Exhibit, where you can go in your Truck and see the Wonders of the Past and Present of Cretaceous Park! This Enclosure houses the: Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ouranosaurus and finally Tricerotops.

Up North, as i have Mentioned is where we Planned to sell Weapons to the Navy. These dinosaurs include the: Coastal Indominus Rex, White and Black Indo-Raptors and 4 Spinoraptors!

In the Abandoned Preset, Dinosaurs will be breeding, Including the Hybrids, because the Owner of the Park made the same mistake as Hammonds scientists. They used frog DNA to fill in the genomes of the Dinosaurs. They also didn't realised the Tyrannosaur couple were mates and The Isla Sorna Velociraptors had Male and Female counter parts too. They would have bred anyway due the giant hurricane and sudden Angered Dinosaurs.

The Next update will always be five years or One later than the last Update.