Jurassic World Evolution

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About this mod

Its a Map I made. Its still in progress of development and I will add a lot more mods and dinosaurs to it.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a Custom map made by me and im still working on progressing it. I have added a few mods as well as a few new dinosaurs to it.

Current Features:-
-Acrocanthosaurus Desert
-Allosaurus Forest
-Mujungasaurus Territory
-Spinoraptor Territory
-Suchomimus Paradise
-Spinosaurus Swamp
-Parasaurolophus Paradise
-Hadrosaur Loungue
-T-rex kingdom
-3 gyrosphere stations
-2 Jurassic Ride stations
-Ankylosaur Swamp
-Baryonyx Swamp
-Sauropod Territory
-3 Hervivore Paradise
-Little Ones Zoo

Features with mods:-
-Afrovanator Era
-Utahraptor Territory
-Deinosuchus Beach
-Expanded Area
-Better Terrain Textures