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RCW grind less is a mod that makes you grind less for exp and loot,ETC over all makes things a lot more fun.

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RCW grind less is a mod that makes you grind less for exp and loot,ETC over all makes things a lot more fun.

Also making a mod that adds 2000 new items and other things....
90 percent done stalled due to lack of people join my discord to help.
Data dumped the whole game on my discord server for new modders to make new content.

I make mods,texture but only post mods now and I have a discord server for support. I also post my beta mods there if people are interested in trying out my mods before they are released. You can chat with me there and give ideas what I should add next for a mod. People who need my help with my mods and people who are looking for modding a game for themselves join my server: LINK

Features V.7.1:
1.2 EXP boost over all
Doubled all quest exp rewards
Trade anything: trade anything now with anyone works online enjoy!
Additional player EXP: Ever additional player in games gives 3 times EXP
If you want a higher boost say something about it
loot tables are increased: Some are increased this is not a cheat mod just grindless
Increased health a little: Each level gives you more health
Raid DifficultyModifiers turned down: easier raids 
Fixed code that devs left
performance boost

Double backpack buffs: All backpacks stats are doubled
Removed bad backpack buffs: slowness is removed from some backpacks
Increased skills buffs for:

DRINK_MALUS: Get thirsty 18% slower per skill invested
HUNGER_MALUS: Get hungry 18% slower per skill invested
MEDIC: Faster revive 18% faster per skill invested
MELEE_WEAPON_EXPERT: melee damage 20% more per skill invested
NIMBLE_FINGERS: 50% more lockpicking speed per skill invested

Recipe update!
Arrows: Simple arrows can be upgraded into fletched or silex arrows in the armory (simple arrow + feathers = fletched and simple arrow + flint = silex)

1. First exstract .rar files into a new folder if not restart all over again.
2. Go to steam
3. Then go to library 
4. find your How to Survival 2 in your library
5. Right-click on your How to Survival 2
6. Then click on properties
7. A menu should pop-up
8. Now click on local files
9. Now click on Browse local files
10. In your How to Survival 2 folder click on data folder
12. Now go back to the folder that you put my mods in
13. Take everything in Data folder that you got from the .rar file and throw it into your data folder in your How to Survival 2 and hit replace.
15. Start up the game and go have fun