How to Survive 2
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  • Up coming updates-To do list:

    How to survive 2:
    In short thank you for the suggestions you leave in posts. The once that I think I can do or are improvements to the mod will be added here:

    To do list:
    1. Fix stack errors that the devs left: less crahes and I patched that in my other mod..
    2. POV option: Have a choice for increased POV or normal.

    Maybe do:
    character selector: Become the NPC
    3D pan for POV

    Upcoming updates:
    faster reload/ Maybe
    Cleaning code/Better performance
    Multi type ammo use: Any gun can use any ammo except arrows
    Faster shooting/Maybe

    If you have other ideas leave a post or make a comment here have a nice day everyone.

    Features V.5:
    1.2 EXP boost over all
    Additional player ...