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Adds an "Elusive Targets' button to the dashboard, from where you can play all elusive targets as often as you like!

Permissions and credits
Only works in offline mode.
The page is a bit laggy when opening, wait a few seconds for it to load completely and it should work fine.
The newest version of the mod (v11) only works with the newest version of the game (3.120.0)
The 'The Brothers' ET has been deleted by IOI, but remains in the menu for this mod. It will not work unless you do some trickery.
(alternatively, use the mod 'The Brothers DEFINITIVE Edition' by Kevin Rudd)

Not compatible with other mods that add extra missions or add extra images.
For compatibility with those types of mods, check out one of the mod frameworks:
 - Onionsquid's mod framework https://onionsquid.itch.io/hitman-3-mod-framework. (Onionsquid made a compatible version of this mod here)
 - Atampy26's mod framework https://www.nexusmods.com/hitman3/mods/200. (AnthonyFuller made a compatible version of this mod here) (2.0.0 version here)

Install Instructions:
- Go to the Runtime folder in your Hitman 3 installation directory.
- Make sure your packagedefinitions.txt is patched. If not, drop it in https://notex.app/tools/online/xtea/, 'set patchlevels' and overwrite.
- Extract the mod zip in this folder
- Run the game in offline mode (make sure it can't connect to the servers, or opt-out of the privacy policy in the options)

Known issues which I can't/won't fix:

 - Some NPCs appear black in some of the older ET missions
    IOI never updated the files for these elusives, and the files that are still in the game do not work 100% correctly with Hitman 3. This is something I won't fix.
 - Game can crash upon completing objectives
    A few people have reported this issue, and it is supposedly caused by not having any internet connection. If you're accessing the offline mod of the game by disconnecting your internet, make sure you disconnect it at the 'Press [enter] to play' screen, and not before. Either that or access the offline mode by opting-out of the privacy policy.