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Eliminate all Elusive Targets at once or Eliminate All Elusive Targets and targets at once. Covers all 3 games! Has the newest ET as well as The Brothers.

(Currently out of date and may not work use at own risk)

Permissions and credits
I know there is several bugs here and there but I currently do not have the time to fix them feel free to modify the mod as you see fit. I may update this in the future but for right now 


This mod covers every map that Elusive targets have been on in each game plus alternate versions of each of their maps. 
On The All Targets Version with Extras this covers 22 contracts!

While this mod is similar to All et's from season 1 at once it goes a further covering more maps and more targets than just ET's.
There is currently 2 versions and an extra file best used with All Targets
This mod also has scoring and SASO already baked in thanks to Offline Scoring  mod. Now you will actually be able to track if you screwed up that ET or not. 

Offline Elusive
Offline Scoring

  • Patch your packagedefinitions.txt located in your hitman 3 install directory by either using the online tool found here or using this mod and enabling after launching the game. 
  • Download required mods. 
  • Open the zip and choice which version you want to use. ALL TARGETS or JUST ET's
  • Either drop chunk0patch53.rpkg into the runtime folder or download quickmod and let it handle the heavy lifting ( I recommend this)  If you use quick mod make sure Offline elusive and Offline scoring are higher in your load order than this mod. 
  • Launch the game and go offline. (By either cutting your connection or going to settings and opting out of privacy policy.) 
  • Access the missions in the newly placed elusive target menu on the main page. 

Use only Version 1 or Version 2.

Version 1 All Elusive Targets at once: 
All Elusive targets at once.  As well as any secondary objective. All possible Elusive Targets  have been activated on every map it will allow. Some maps may contain more or less ET's due to the way they function.  Check below which version contains which maps.

Version 2 All Targets at once: 

All Targets at Once.
This version has everything V1 has and more. Any Map where a main line target or even extra mission target can be implemented on side the ET's I have done so. For Example Paris - Holiday Hoarders has 13 targets and 2 objects, so you might want to adjust your hud to auto show instead of always with mission info.  Check below which version contains which maps. All targets have no red outline just as they would if they were ET's. 

Current Maps

Hitman 1
Paris - The Showstopper:  Both
Paris - Holiday Hoarders: Both

Sapienza - World of Tomorrow: Both
Sapienza - The ICON: V2  only

Bangkok - Club 27: Both
Bangkok - The Source: Both

Colorado - Freedom Fighters:  Both

Hokkaido - Situs Inversus: Both
Hokkaido - Snow Festival: Both
Hokkaido - Patient Zero**: Both

Marrakesh - A Gilded Cage: Both 
Marrakesh - A House Built on Sand*: V2 only
Marrakesh - A House Built on Sand with The Brothers: Both
Hitman 2
Miami - The Undying:  V2 Only
Miami - The Undying Returns:  V2 Only
Santa Fortuna - The Three-Headed Serpent With ET*: V2 Only
Whittleton Creek - Another Life: V2 Only 
Isle of Sgail - The Ark Society: Both

Hitman 3
Dartmoor - Death in the Family: V2 Only
Mendoza - The Farewell* V2 Only

Non Functional
Sapienza - Landslide
Sapienza - The Author 
New Zealand - Nightfall
New Zealand - Halloween

Paris - Holiday Hoarders: With Santa Klaus as an added target. 
Mumbai - Chasing Ghosts*
Santa Fortuna - The Three-Headed Serpent + Embrace Of The Serpent
Berlin - Apex Preditor

As A side not I have decided to implement the deceivers in their separated form to allow for the extra complication that was removed when IOI had them return in HM2.

Several Maps are Only included in V2 this is due to the lack of Et's or compatible ET's on those Maps. Since V2 Also covers main targets it contains maps that have 1 Et and main targets. 

Sapienza - The ICON: Is only for V2: All Targets. This is due to only 1 ET taking place on this level and other ET's having lighting and props baked it that at best break lighting and at worse cause crashes. 

Hokkaido - Patient Zero: The map is fully working in both versions. The only bug you will get is an immediate notification of 1 infection this is due to Ji-hu using a similar method in the code to randomly chose his body. I haven't yet found a work around for the count but it does zero out when you eliminate him. 
For the Et only version I had to make some choices as the author of this mod. It wouldn't be Patient Zero map without the virus. So the virus will spread and you will get targets that you will need to eliminate to proceed on with the rest of the mission. On a similar note this means Owen cage is a target but also not. He will show a yellow skull above him and I made him an invisible target to your hud since you'll have to kill him to stop the spread. All infected people should be visible unlike the ET's. Doing this should allow you to retain SASO.

Sapienza - Landslide: This is not included for the same reasons as the others. With the fact being there is 0 ET's on this map and lighting and prop issues arise when activating them on this map. 

Sapienza - The Author: Once again same reason. While I was able to get the 1 target who appeared in the ICON to work on this map without destroying lighting the props caused major issue and resulted in a random car exploding somewhere and crashing my game. 

Santa Fortuna - The Three-Headed Serpent: Andrea Martinez can't be on the map with Vincente Murillo ET so there is 2 versions one with the ET and without Her and one with Her and not Vicente. 

Mumbai -  Combines Chasing a ghost with Illusions of Grandeur.  But for what ever reason Dawood Rangan cannot be on the map if  Basil Carnaby is present so Dawood is not included. 

Patient Zero - SASO is lost after about 20 seconds of play this is a bug with offline scoring

Holiday Hoarders from the EXTRAS mod after eliminating all targets the exit doesn't open. more investigation is needed.

Berlin - Apex Predictor -  If you let any target escape the mission doesn't fail and cannot be completed. If you do not start from the one location where Price spawns you cannot complete the mission. Looking into ways to either add a fail or prevent targets from escaping. Will look into limited entrance. 

Too much on screen: With this many targets you may need to go into settings and adjust hud mission info to either auto or off. 

Target Santa Klaus in Holiday Hoarders doesn't have a picture, this will be added in a future update, priority low. 

Targets and actors on holiday levels some faze through or get caught on items. (This is to do with actors connect to a Brick that wasn't intended to the holiday levels now being present. for the most part it isn't that big of a deal they might hover over a Christmas tree but all in all they function. This isn't something I can fix without turning off the elusive targets which defeats the purpose. 

Future Plans
Updates will slow down on this mod. While I will try to keep up with new ET's as they are added it will be much slower. I happened to have a week of to make this mod and it has taken the entire week. 
In the future I may add more maps that just cover Targets. I might add a version that also covers some kind of modified version of the Escalation targets but I'm not sure. 

Im thinking of switching the way the targets are displayed to how they are in Berlin might release a test level of this in the next update. 
Anthony Fuller

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