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A true rendition of a Build Anywhere mod. Think the Witch Hill should have chairs? Done! Want to set up a farm outside your tavern? Done!

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Continued development, testing, & managing user reports all take time, and any support is greatly appreciated! If you can't donate and enjoy the mod, please consider endorsing the mod (thumbs up 'Endorse' button up the top)!


Please log any issues at Issues · p1xel8ted/GYK-Mods-QMod (


Notes around crafting

  • If you're not using a multi-inventory/shared inventory mod, the storage for a craft needs to be in the same zone as the crafting station for that station to see the items.
  • If you do use a multi-inventory/shared inventory mod, ensure the zone you're building in is included.


  • Enables building pretty much anywhere, not just the zones with a build area. I have yet to see all areas of the game, so let me know if you encounter issues.
  • Press Q or LB on a controller to bring up the Craft Anywhere table. It loads every buildable with a remove craft associated with it (otherwise, you wouldn't be able to remove it if you so decided), provided you have unlocked it that playthrough.
  • There is a minor delay when opening. Can't be avoided due to the number of items.
  • Some crafts are disabled, i.e. anything refugee-related, as it's just wasted (they can't use it).
  • The yellow construction tape build grid for zones that have it can be turned off in the config.
  • Object collision is still enabled, so you can't build a furnace on your front door.
  • The game ignores all sorting methods I've tried, apologies.


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Place the directory inside the ZIP file into your QMods directory.