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All-New Character Models for Final Fantasy VII!

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New Character Model Style, same classic game.
A mod that balances stylized Final Fantasy VII characters with 3D model in a style based on Tetsuya Nomura's concept art.
Looking to improve your Final Fantasy VII experience while keeping the game's classic stylized nature? Look no further!

Mod Manager Install

  • Simply follow the instructions on the 7th Heaven Mod Manager page to install and run the manager, then download the 7th Heaven compatible versions.
  • This is ultimately the more convenient way, and while it takes a little longer to set up, the long term benefits of being able to toggle on/off mods make it very much worthwhile.

Hard Install

  • First, you will need to download and install Ficedula's LGP Tools available here
  • You MAY need to download ficelib 1.50 and extract the contents into the LGPTools folder (To fix a missing dll error for ficedula.dll)
  • Next, use Ficedula's LGPTools to unpack battle.lgp (Located in your Final Fantasy VII/data/battle folder) to a folder that is easily accesible (On your desktop, for example)
  • Download the files that you want from the downloads tab on this page. Unzip the files and remove them from the folders, placing only the alphabet-files into the folder.
  • If you've done it right, it should ask you to overwrite, select "Yes"Run LGPTools once more and press Create, find your way to the folder you just created and select it.
  • Call your new LGP file battle.lgpOnce written, replace the old file in your Final Fantasy VII/data/battle with the one you have just created.
  • Enjoy playing Final Fantasy VII with all new battle models!

Description and 7th Heaven compatibility contributed by petalSoft.