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Character Overhaul Seven (ChaOS) is a nearly complete revamp for the characters of Square's best FF.

Permissions and credits
This is my project after I had finished a complete rewrite of the German version of it (so please forgive me my poor English).
I wanted to make actually only a consistency patch for the main characters, because the Phoenix Rejuvenation Project (PRP) had quite a bunch of different styles/authors and the main characters were either plain colored or had a backed light effect on them. However, my experience as artist and the gained knowledge of the model editor tool Kimera had forced me to do more than only the main characters, and so I have started to rework many of the characters. I am working on it for now over two years and have still only redone a bit over the half of the character models the rest is still the one of the PRP. One reason is that I had to go over some models more than once the other reason is that Kimera has its limits, but it is the only program which can edit and create the models. So working with it is sometimes time-consuming.

Update 02/01/2019:
New Models! New Installer - No 7th Heaven needed, but it can be used! Works with Steam! 

To install this mod you need to unpack its content to anyplace you want (I recommend a new folder). Now you need to copy battle.lgp, char.lgp, flevel.lgp*, chocobo.lgp*, high-us.lgp* and world_us.lgp* into the lgp_in folder (skip this when you want to use 7H). When its done, you can run the .bat file to start the installation process. When you have finished the patching process, copy the files from lgp_out back to the folder from where you got them. For 7H user: You don't need to patch the files when asked. You can copy the new generated folders into a new subfolder of your 7H mod folder. I recommend to use 7H iro packing tool to create an iro from the files, else you have long load times when starting the game. 

That's all. Run the game and enjoy the new models.

Additional notes:
 - lgp_in is a kind of backup if something has gone wrong, so you better leave it's content where it is
- * the filenames vary depending on your language

I'll edit the text here later with a FAQ section and some images.