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The FF12 Randomizer changes a lot of the game's data to create a new and interesting experience every seed using many different flags where most have sliders to change their randomness!

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This randomly changes the games data to create a new experience every time!

Currently randomized and all can be configured on or off and adjusted with sliders and smart flags:
  • Item and loot costs!
  • Equipment costs, armor effects, weapon charge time, status effects, elements!
  • Magic/technick/enemy abilities gil value, mp cost, charge time, and status effects!
  • The license boards and licenses!
Many settings which include:
Random board layout, which can be based on placing low LP licenses at the start and increase in cost, or completely chaotic!
What equipment, abilities, and augments (there are new augments too) are on which licenses!
The license LP costs!
  • Shops and bazaars and what they sell!
  • Starting character items and stats!
  • Enemy stats!
  • Treasures!
  • Rewards in the story, sidequests, and hunts!
NOTE: This mod requires DrakLab as the randomizer outputs a DrakLab ready mod!

The "horrible" code can be found here: