Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
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Lessens the jaggies on vanilla weapons.

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"Why are there pictures of shields when the mod name says 'weapons' ?"

The file tree calls them weapons, and they were easy to take pictures of.

"Which weapons... and shields does this mod change?

IDK there were like 260 of them. *Now 289 of them. *288

"How did you fix the jaggies, again?"

I down-sampled the textures to their native resolution (they all were upscaled x2) and re-upscaled them with Waifu2x.
*288 were x2, 1 was x4, 26 were x1, and 1 was x4 but drawn on top of so x4/x1.

"How to install with DrakLab Mod Loader?"

Extract the folder "ff12data" from the zip, rename the folder to "Weapons Re-Upscaled 2.0.0" and when you click "Add Mod" navigate to the folder you just renamed.
How to use DrakLab Mod Loader-

"Can I use vortex?"


DrakLab Mod Loader
Vortex preferred
Vortex FFXII extension
FF12 External File Loader 

VBF Browser
Photoshop automates "save as DDS"
Cupscale standalone ESRGAN (upscaler) fork with GUI that does alpha (transparency) in batch
ESRGAN Model Database
BC1 smooth- by BlueAmulet, used to fix compression
waifu2x-caffe offline windows app version of Waifu2x (upscaler)
TexConvGUI save as DDS batch (old automation)