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This extension adds Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age support to the Vortex mod manager.

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Vortex support for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Simple as that. Extension adds support for FF12. It's still an early version, but it should work just fine. Extension searches for ff12data directory and auto-installs it. Of course FOMOD installer is supported if you need it.

Current features:
  • installation/uninstallation/enabling/disabling/purging
  • automatic VBF archive patching via external tools (modified specifically to work with Vortex)
  • automatic FileSizeTable_XX.fst patching for all supported languages
  • any mod can be uninstalled at any time without breaking anything
  • conflict resolution via Vortex tools

If you want to get back to vanilla game, either disable all mods or simply purge them all (this should save you redownloading 30GB file again).

For advanced users there is a possibility to switch the extension into non-merge mode (installing mods into separate directories, which is faster, but mods can be uninstalled only in reverse order of installation, just as in case of Draklab). In this mode conflict detection doesn't work. Switch only if you know exactly what you're doing.

Vortex support for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Before installation, make sure that 64bit Visual C++ Runtime is installed. You can download the newest one here:
or directly here:


Since Vortex 1.1.0 the easiest method is just to go to "games" then select "Final Fantasy XII" and click "manage". This extension will be downloaded automatically. From now on it will also update automatically.

Installation (easy way - obsolete, see above):
(with Vortex disabled)
  • download extension
  • copy %appdata%\Vortex\plugins, press windows key (or win+r) and paste it
  • now press enter
  • unpack extension into game-finalfantasy12 directory
  • launch Vortex

Installation (standard way - obsolete, see above):
  • download extension
  • open Vortex
  • go to settings
  • enable advanced mode
  • restart Vortex
  • go to extensions
  • drop extension on to the field at the bottom of the window
  • restart Vortex

Known Issues

Do not launch the game using Vortex. The game will freeze once it starts loading a map (although, you can just alt-tab and close Vortex, which will unfreeze the game). For now just launch the game from steam, as always ;) .