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P L E A S E B E R E S P O N S I B L E !

README for Steve64b's Far Cry 5 EditorMOD

This mod aims to enhance the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor experience, by:
- Tweaking the vanilla Editor's code, unlocking some hidden features.
- Adding thousands of additional assets and textures for use on PC.

The mod does NOT make any gameplay related changes, it only targets the editor.

Maps created with this editormod:
- Remain compatible with the vanilla Editor as long as no mod objects are used.
- MUST be edited with the mod installed if you use mod objects. Otherwise they will go missing from the map.
- Can apparently be uploaded and published on the Far Cry Arcade.

Maps published with this editormod
- Can be played from Arcade, without the need for this editormod to be installed.
- May be portable to another platform if they do not use MOD assets and remain within budget.

Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your Far Cry 5 root folder. This mod will overwrite existing files, you should backup your originals first:

Additional files installed by the mod:

NOTE: The data_final folder contains content that can exclusively be used on the PC platform (More assets, NEW objects, MOD objects, thumbnails, added textures, etc).
If you only want to use features that can still port over to console, only install the IGE.WPF.Core64.dll file.

20190607, public release fix
Changed deployment method to prevent triggering Easy Anticheat in the game's Arcade mode. Please Verify Game Files before installing the mod.

20190606, public release
Removed some backdrops that caused objects to disappear from maps. Hopefully got them all.
Added some more thumbnails thanks to Fallen_Ninja!
Fixed object selecting with scripting.
Renamed the added Environmental Preset names. Unfortunately I can't control the actual texts easily, but at least in English they should now display below the default values.

20190423, public release
NEW ASSETS: Added rotating variants of generic cylinders. Note that rotation may not always be sync across multiple objects.
NEW ASSETS: Added interactive (readable) notes.
Generated a note for each individual text string in the game, meaning there can be quite some weird or empty ones in there too.
Notes thumbnails show an english representation of the text, see for possible texts.
TWEAK: Disabled nonfunctional "Wave Trigger" object. Still shows up in the object browser, need to know how to remove it from there without affecting performance.

TWEAK: Added Animal+Civilian+Ally numbers in Validation tool
TWEAK: Budget values no longer show by default to improve performance

20190320, public release
Added budget values to Budget tool. Toggles in Edit menu, default ENABLED. May impact performance for those who keep the tool always on.
Added stats to object selection tool (breakdown of the number of dynamic/breakable/AI objects)
Select tool: prefixed object DisplayName with object type icons to help distinguish items. Toggles in Edit menu, default ENABLED.
FINALLY a first public release \o/

Categorized the new particles, added their thumbnails where available

Removed AiAsObject variants of all vanilla AI. That should prevent vanilla maps from having their AI replaced with the AiAsObject counterparts.

Added INVISIBLEMOD Zipline as a gag
Optimized thumbnails, moved them to ige.dat

Lowered minimum gravity& jumpheight to allow preventing players from jumping (use value="0.01")

Added warning when using scripts in competitive multiplayer maps.
Moved some objects around in different categories

Added command to break apart grouped objects into their underlying individual objects. Note that some components may disappear however.

Added cluster RPG ammo pickups
Gave AIAsObject access to Control Zone properties, doesn't seem to stick after reloading the map yet

Created mod object type "HELPERMOD"; Used for the Particle Effects, the HELPERMOD object displays the particle in the active editor session, so you can place it. When you save & reopen the map, it'll act how other players will see it ingame (the particle preview will be disabled & it needs fire damage to be set off).

Added "Damage Stim Fire Invisible" and "DLZ Fire Bridge Large InvisibleMOD" objects to spawn pure fire damage without showing fire graphics. Check the "center of selection" box in the tool to display their approximate damage radius.

Generated MOD objects: Particle Effects. These objects require non-molotov fire damage to set them off, they don't show the particle otherwise.

Added UNI and LIEU names in the Display: you can now search for "Boomer"! :)
Removed Domination gamemode due to lacking Domination Point assets and crashing gametype.
Added Enemy thumbnails (Thanks to Fallen_Ninja!)
Added subversioning for DATmod. Window Title now shows both DLLmod and DATmod build dates.
Disabled Camera LookAt by default

Added wave counter & script delay reminder to validation

Removed nonworking Script Action from all modes: Play VO Line
Removed nonworking Script Actions from MP maps: Teleport Player, Update target count (BH), Set Slow Motion.
Removed unreliable Script Action from MP maps: Set Storm (only worked on host)
Added object count & modded object count in Validation tools. Note to other mod makers: please add "MOD" or "NEW" as postfix to your modded objects' Display names so they get detected as such!

Changed max countdown value to 1800 (30 minutes)

Restored highlight

Allowed access to all "AI Tool" categories in Multiplayer maps. This allows mappers to pick other non-Animal AI to spawn via scripting.

Time of Day Blend Duration maximum value from 60 to 3600

Sets DevToolAvailable=true, access internal DEV-only objects and features.
Enable thousands of additional values in the Generic Object Textures. You will need a compatible (dat/fat) Editormod installed that defines the extra values.
Changed max number of actions per script from 10 to 100
Changed max road width from 8 to 16m

On Exploring invalid map: present options OK, Map Validation, CANCEL

Allows picking of any object, warns about static objects spawning in dynamic.
Adds an explicit warning when picking objects added through mods. This to prevent people trying to spawn in modded items; that only works when you have such mod installed on the game.
Scripting tools can now be used in multiplayer too. Please be careful!

Camera setfocus removed
Fixed vanilla raise tool: now raises terrain to the full height specified.

Bypass budgetlimit added
Enabled explore without limit
Removed highlight

- More weapons & ammunition (weapon skins, Mortar Cluster, Magnopulsar, RPG Cluster Incendiary, Arrow Explosive)
- More assets: objects from the campaign/DLCs
(including those from my "NEW ASSETS" map @!?p=13777195 )
- More textures: hundreds more textures for generic objects (needs to be enabled via the menu first!)
- More AI: Add Campaign/DLC Characters. NOT ALL MAY BE COMPATIBLE (i.e. Blood Dragon can freeze the GOD NPC)
- More Control Zones: Follow player, convert to other factions, change AI awareness state.
- Environment: More Skies, Cloud Shadows, Backdrops, Music, PostFX filters & effects to choose from.
- Scripting: Access to new scripting actions:
-"Force Equip Weapon" : with option to turn ammo infinite.
-"Change HUD Objective" : List of numbers with text values can be checked at
-"Lock player input" : player can't move but only look around.
-"Unlock player input" : re-enable player input.
- Scripting: (Un)spawn *any* object (Note that spawning (non-dynamic) solid objects will spawn them
physics-enabled, which may cause very bad frame rate issues!)
- Copy objects from one map to another: bring together assets from different asset maps!
- Bypass the 15-max-active-AI threshold by spawning "AIAsObject" modded AI using "Spawn Object"! (experimental)
- Bypass Budget Limit: explore/play/publish overbudget maps. PLEASE CREATE RESPONSIBLY!

Edit -> "MOD: MORE GENERIC OBJECT TEXTURES" : Enables hundreds more textures for the Generic Objects.
Default disabled because the many options slowdown the editor. :)

Edit -> "TWEAK: DISABLE OBJECT HIGHLIGHTING": Removes the highlight overlay on selected objects. Handy for
aesthetic reasons, toggle this without an active objet selection.

Edit -> "TWEAK: EXTRA INFO FOR VALIDATION" : Validation Tool will display additional information, including:
- Used wave numbers,
- MOD object usage,
- potential MapSwapper/console compatibility.
Also warns user about some issues it detects with the map.

Edit -> "TWEAK: DISABLE CAMERA FOCUS" : Controls whether the camera viewport will move when you
double-click an objects in a selection.

Edit -> "BREAK APART GROUPED OBJECT" : For grouped objects: tries to break the group apart into its
(EXPERIMENTAL) sub-objects. May come in handy to redecorate furnished houses,
but ungrouped objects will NOT be compatible for porting
to console. Should only be used on grouped objects.

Edit -> "SELECT: ENHANCE DISPLAY NAMES" : Changes object display names to show icons relevant to
their object type.

Edit -> "BUDGET TOOL: SHOW VALUES" : Displays actual budget values in the Budget Tool,
so you can tell how much overbudget you are.

Help -> Visit Steve64b's Editormod website : Opens for more mod information.

While this mod allows some scripting in multiplayer, remember that SCRIPTING IN MULTIPLAYER IS GLITCHY!
There's a reason why Ubisoft removed the scripting from Multiplayer in the first place. Personally, I found
there WILL be sync issues between the client(s) and the host. For example:
- "Force Equip Weapon" gives the weapon to all players, but only *EQUIPS* it on the host.
- Spawning in weapons with a script may not have them respawn after someone picks them up.
- People joining a match late (after script execution) will not have had scripts executed for them.
So, if the script should have (un)spawned something, it wouldn't have happened for them.

If you still want to try scripting in multiplayer, here are some pointers:
- You can add music to pvp by scripting change music
- You can add AI to the match by spawning them in through script.
In Team Deathmatch, use special Security AI "Red Team" and "Blue Team", or Enemies vs Allies
- AI cannot respawn and AI cannot be assigned to spawner capsules because spawner capsules only work for wave 2 and higher.
- Do not spawn in solid objects (or use a a low lifetime), as their weird physics cause problems.
- Do not rely on unspawning solid objects either.
- "On Object Break" triggers are the best way to use scripting between pvp clients. You can
use Zombie Spawner Capsules for "attack and defend" objectives!

This mod is quite complex and packed with features. Various issues may be present, for example:
- Some new assets may contain additional code that doesn't work as expected in Arcade.
- Bypassing the budget / Map Validation or spawning too many objects will slow down performance!
- Scripting in multiplayer may work, but can also introduce issues for players joining in later!
- Some new AI may not be designed to combat eachother and may freeze when put in such a situation!
Examples: - I removed a Mars DLC Yeti because it crashed the editor when fighting a Blood Dragon
- The Blood Dragon will still freeze the otherwise invincible "_GOD" NPC in place

It's impossible for me to test all asset combinations, I'm sure you Map Makers will understand.
Noone benefits from a bad Arcade experience, so I emplore you to:

* Right-click the "Objects" tool window title and set it "Floating". You can then
use the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk through them. Keep moving your mouse cursor
over your map while doing so, and you'll hve a fast way to preview the object in 3D.
* Use shortcut keys on your keyboard (1-6, F1-F11) to quickly switch between tools.
* My "EDITORHELPERMOD" objects are a complex workaround somewhat "allow spawning" of "MOD"
Particle Effects through a fire damage trigger: EDITORHELPERMOD objects display a preview of
the intended particle ONLY INITIALLY, for the purpose of placing them in your map.
When you subsequently save & reopen the map, these objects are automatically substituted by
other objects that act how other players will see them ingame: the particle will not show right from the
start, but only after the object takes fire damage.
You can spawn in a fire based object (like "Damage Stim Fire Invisible") on top of it to set it off.
* The VERSION HISTORY below highlights some new objects and mentions keywords IN CAPITALS. Try searching
for those terms to quickly find the related object(s). Sometimes there are many though, it may take a while. :)
* Only enable the "More Generic Object Textures" option when you really really need it. Toggle it back
off to increase editor performance.
* Disable the "Budget Tool Show Values" option to increase editor performance.

Mod by Steve64b (, some thumbnails made by Fallen_Ninja.
For the latest mod information, see
Discuss your findings and questions with other map makers at
Thanks to UBISOFT for creating Far Cry and its Editor! And for having me test it! ^ ^

* Editor DLL features:
(Maps using these can possibly be ported to console, they only modify some Editor placement logic & code):
- Lowered minimum gravity&jumpheight value to 0.01, minimum score to 1
- Max Road width from 8m to 16m
- Access to the hidden DLC assets in the vanilla editor that were previously published in the "NEW ASSETS" map on all platforms.
- SCRIPT ACTION: Time of Day Blend Duration maximum value from 60 to 3600
- SCRIPT ACTION: Raised actions per script from 10 to 100
- SCRIPT ACTION: (UN) SPAWN can pick any object to (un)spawn BUT Static rigid objects become dynamic with eratic physics: BE CAREFUL!
- NEW SCRIPT ACTION: Force Equip Weapon, with option to turn ammo infinite.
- NEW SCRIPT ACTION: Update target count. Unsure how relevant this is.
- NEW SCRIPT ACTION: Change HUD Objective, to a predefined text. List of text values can be checked at
- NEW SCRIPT ACTION: (UN)Lock player input, player can't move but only look around. After Locking, must Unlock in the same script.
- Some SCRIPTING available in Multiplayer maps! EXCEPT FOR: Set Storm, Teleport, Update target count (BH), Set Slow Motion, Objective Marker toggle.

* Engine DAT/FAT mod features:
(Maps using these are PC EXCLUSIVE as they modify the Editor Objects & Inventory):
- Added many more 'vanilla' objects, removed most nonworking ones. Notable working entries include:
- Way more Ai, including some additional Mars/Vietnam DLC ones.
- Way more weapon variations, including signature weapons.
- Way more vehicles, including attachable trailers and the cut Hover Bike & Blackhawk.
- "Electric Wire", basically placing cables down just like a zipline, but without the player ziplining ability.
- Ragdoll corpses: put them in the map & watch them "drape" to the environment dynamically.
- Nature:FOLLOW TERRAIN category contains special objects:
-"DisplacementMaterial" objects: these one-faced objects take on the ground textures below them, like a chameleon.
-"DeformToTerrain" objects: these objects form to the terrain they're placed on.
-"GrassDeformer" objects: put these on grassy vegetation to squish the grass flat!
- Added MODDED objects: objects changed or created from scratch. MODDED objects can NOT BE SPAWNED in scripts/waves. Notable MOD assets include:
-Script objects feature a Visual Helper Object in the Editor to quickly find them in scene without having to rely on object icons
-Hatch Bunker Openable without animation (INSTANTLYMOD). Combine it with LookAt Script to make quicker 'buttons'
-Added Invisible forcefield object (INVISIBLEMOD)
-Added non-damaging Fire Torch (NODAMAGEMOD)
-Added smaller letters (TINYMOD)
-Added 3 locked doors with corresponding keys (LOCKMOD)
-Control Room Recording Computer Reel Smaller; static + rotating version (ROTATEMOD)
-Gate Hospital Fence Small made invisible (INVISIBLEMOD). Use it flipped on its side to make the player slide on it
-STATIC versions of common physics-enabled objects (STATICMOD)
-NONBLOCKING copies of all graphic models in the game (GFXONLYMOD)
-Added additional Particle Effects (Particle:)
-Added more generic shape variations
-Added INVISIBLEMOD zipline
-NEW TEXTURES for Generic Objects.

* Mod objects come in 2 flavors: objects that were dormant in the game files (postfixed "NEW"),
and objects that I created from scratch (postfixed "MOD"). While the "NEW" objects can be
spawned, "MOD" objects can not.
* Sorry for any counter-intuitive object/directory names, I can't change them all freely.
* Sometimes, some (weapon) sounds may not play during playtesting in the editor.
This only happens in the Editor, the map will work fine once published.
* AiAsObject modded AI is experimental and not properly tested.
They can be linked to a control zone, but ONLY when you do NOT spawn them in the map.
Also, when you re-open the map in the editor, the AiAsObject will no longer have the
control zone link anymore so you'll have to re-link them.
* The AI Tool is rather crude for Multiplayer maps, but it should still allow picking all AI.
* Budget-wise, the editor may count more objects than are present in the map.
I'm unsure what causes this behaviour, luckily you can ignore the message.
* Likewise, the sector budget grid sometimes won't update properly.
Workaround is to save the map, open a new one without the issue, then reopen your initial map after that.
* Like the original editor, starting the Editor GUI in maximized state can cause windows to be positioned off-screen:
* Like the original editor, starting the Editor GUI in non-maximized state doesn't paint the menu controls initially. Users may need to hover the mouse over "empty" icons/controls once to make them appear.
* Like the original editor, the application may sometimes appear to be unresponsive. Whenever Windows warns about that, just select "Wait for the program to respond" and wait a while longer... ;)