Far Cry 3

About this mod

A mod that aims to enhance, rebalance, and expand the gameplay of Far Cry 3 by adding a touch of realism, immersion, and exploration
into the game, without breaking too much balance of the vanilla gameplay.

Permissions and credits

AUTHOR: verdugo7


REQUIREMENT : Far Cry 3 version 1.0.5 (Steam / UPlay) 




This mod aims to enhance, rebalance and expand the gameplay of Far Cry 3, by adding a touch of realism, immersion, and exploration into the game, without breaking too much balance of the vanilla gameplay.
What previously feels too easy for the game has been adjusted to add a form of a challenge to them, without making the game too hard / too tedious to play.
This mod expands the gameplay opportunities that weren't fully emphasized in the vanilla game and creates a whole new experience to Far Cry 3.
In my opinion, this is how Far Cry 3 should have been from the start.
This mod is not aiming for hardcore realism, instead, this balances the realism and fun factor of the game. 

=== CREDITS ===
Ziggy's Mod by Dziggy (inspiration)
Far Cry 3 Rebalanced Mod by Pingy (inspiration)
30 Days Mod by PandoraX357 (inspiration)
Swartz Mod by Swartz (inspiration)
Welcome to Neverland V2 by Chorizosss
Legit Guns & Legit Crafting by Dallin (adjusted to fit my personal taste)
Fast loot animation for corpses by Inakrin
Increased spawn rates of animals & enemies by Inakrin
Better weapon sights by Mud87
Weapon attachments mod by Leechmonger, Karmakb, and Rick-Gibbed (adjusted to fit my personal taste)
Clean camera lens by DrKrawShaw
Dunia tools by Rick-Gibbed
New post fx textures by Mud87
Unlocked all skills from the start by Ryac666
Hereticus weapon mods by Chorizosss
Gygaisland mod by WhyteShark
HD Texture Pack by 4Aces
Mud's Reflective Textures Mod by Mud87 (TBA)
And to myself for all the rest including:
  • Gear & equipment capacity adjustments
  • Weapon performance tweaks
  • FOV tweak
  • Crafting recipes adjustments 
  • Store price adjustments
  • New UI
  • Store items tweaks, and
  • Compiling this into one.
I apologize if I missed a few names, I do not take credits/ownership for any mods included in this compilation. I only take credits for the changes I made listed above. If there are other names left not mentioned please let me know.


  • Better weapon sights. Tactical and high-visibility reticles added to replace vanilla's eye-blinding and vision-obstructing reticles.

  • Unlocks attachments for all weapons. Lower tier weapons can hold 2 attachments, and higher tier weapons can hold 3 attachments. 
  • Weapons overhaul. All weapons' statistics are adjusted to match their real-life counterparts. Damage, recoil, range, spread, magazine capacity, sway, etc have been tweaked. Pistols now fire as fast as you can pull the trigger (except .44 magnum or D50). 
Stores also reflect actual weapon statistics correctly. 

  • Real names and descriptions for all weapons. Weapons now have their real names and descriptions in shop, handbook, and menus. I haven't taken any screenshots so any help would be appreciated.

  • Added 2 weapon skins, stainless slide 1911 and wooden M700 as default M700. Now wooden M700 is the default skin of M700, no more ugly olive M700. Stainless slide 1911 replaces 2 tone paint job of the weapon.

  • Weapon auto-reload is DISABLED. When out of ammo, the weapon does not reload automatically, even if you click LMB. It goes to classic "click-click". To reload, press R instead.
  • Bull Signature Weapon is now suppressed and reloads slightly faster. A suppressed shotgun that is very devastating in close - medium range. Kills bears & tigers easily with a single headshot within 10-15 meters.
  • All weapons are available from start (except Signature Weapons and special melee weapons). To own them, you either: Purchase them from the shop OR obtain them for free by activating radio towers. The amount of tower required to own a weapon for free is UNCHANGED (same as default).

  • 90 FOV for all weapons. No longer the guns will feel like they are placed directly in front of your face.

  • Weapon prices are increased in stores depending on their tier and performance (especially 2nd / South Island Weapons) for balancing reasons.

  • Removed AI sniper rifle laser sight. Because what kind of sniper turns on their laser sight all the time?

  • Planting C4 and land mines are now silent. Now throwing C4 works the same as throwing a rock.

  • No-Intro. Skips the "Make A Break For It" mission, where Jason & Grant have to escape from Vaas's Slave Camp. You will begin by waking up in Amanaki Village talking to Dennis instead.
  • Fast loot animations for corpses. Jason quickly crouches and grabs the loot from enemies (instead of crouching and searching carefully).
  • Cleaner camera interface for a better view. No more annoying squares that obstruct your view.
  • Crafting overhaul. This makes crafting more challenging and realistic, but not tedious. Crafting requires more ingredients now, including multiple types of animal skins and green leaves to make the tannin in order to tan the animal hides. Larger equipment = more ingredient required = more types of animal skins. The reason for this is that we assume Jason Brody is not an expert taxidermist, so he may waste a lot of skins in skinning an animal. Implemented crocodile leather into crafting, so if a recipe requires "Leather" to craft, you'll need crocodile leather. Crocodiles are usually found in rivers in any part of the island. Crocodile leather is also classified as a crafting material, so they won't get sold with all the junk when you press "quick sell". IMPORTANT: If you don't have enough ingredients to pass the "Harvest The Jungle" mission with Dennis, just try to craft the item Dennis asks (just click the medicine twice & simple loot rucksack once) and he will continue the tutorial no matter whether you have enough ingredients or not.

  • All skills are unlocked from the start (unlocked after you capture Amanaki Outpost with Dennis, as the final step to complete the tutorial mission). Remember, they are just unlocked, not owned. You still have to earn them by grinding like vanilla.
  • Prices of animal pelt/hide/skins have been increased and rebalanced. This depends on their level of rarity, aggressiveness, and hunting difficulty. Skins of rarer and more dangerous animals worth more money, while less dangerous and less aggressive animals do not worth as much.For example, tigers, bears, leopards, sharks, and crocodiles are now very expensive if sold in the store.This makes hunting more rewarding, thus encourages you to go hunting often in order to craft your gear or to earn money. Detailed prices of animals listed below.

  1. Goat Skin = $5 -> $15
  2. Pig Hide = $10 -> $15
  3. Rabid Dog Skin = $10 -> $10
  4. Attack Dog Skin = $15 -> $15
  5. Dingo Pelt = $10 -> $15
  6. Tapir Hide = $10 -> $20
  7. Boar Hide = $15 -> $25
  8. Deer Hide = $15 -> $20
  9. Cassowary Leather = $15 -> $30
  10. Komodo Dragon Skin = $15 -> $30
  11. Buffalo Hide = $20 -> $25
  12. Leopard Skin = $25 -> $50
  13. Shark Skin = $30 -> $50
  14. Bear Skin = $30 -> $100
  15. Tiger Skin = $35 -> $150
  16. Crocodile Leather = $25 ->$50
  • Increased all in-game gear & equipment capacities. The capacity of in-game gear made from crafting has been adjusted to carry more items, to balance the in-game economy (increased animal skin prices, increased amount of ingredients to craft items, increased weapon prices, etc). 

The simple logic is as follows:
-You need more ingredients = you need bigger equipment capacity to collect the ingredients.
-More ingredients required to craft gear= crafted gear has more capacity.
-The higher price of animal skins & weapons = bigger capacity wallet needed to allocate money
-Increased enemy & animal encounters = more ammunition needed to be carried around
Also, the in-game menu DOES reflect actual capacity changes of the player's gear.

To name a few, the changes include:
  • Loot bag can carry 144 items max (def. 96)
  • Ammo pouch can carry 144 pistol rounds (def. 120), 360 AR rounds (def. 300), 360 SMG rounds (def. 240), 500 LMG rounds (def. 400), 90 shotgun shells (def.50), 50 sniper rifle rounds (def. 30), 15 flare rounds (vanilla), etc.
  • Syringe kit can carry 15 syringes max (def. 12)
  • Throwables bag can carry 16 grenades & 16 molotov max (def. 12)
  • Munitions bag can carry 10 C4 & 10 mines max (def. 6)
  • Wallet can carry $20,000 max (def. $10,000)
  • Rocket pack can carry 16 RPG-7 rockets & 20 GL-94 rounds max (def. 6 & 12)
  • Arrow Quiver can carry 50 arrows & 10 special arrows max (def. 30)

  • The Extra Large Rocket Pack is now craftable. Reintroduced the unused crafting recipe from the game files to be applied in-game.
  • Increased enemy and animal spawn rates. You may encounter animals & enemies more frequently, and they may come varied in numbers. Makes the island more "alive". 

In the INSANITY VERSION of the mod, the animal & enemy spawn rates are further increased (increased by 3x to be exact). You will encounter enemy patrol on foot & in vehicles MORE OFTEN, they come in INCREASED numbers, and they will COME AFTER YOU if you shoot into the air. Enemies will NOT disappear even when you take an outpost. Courtesy of Gygaisland mod by WhyteShark.

  • Enemy weapons now do increased damage to match the player's rebalanced weapon stats. They WILL NOT one-shot you, but they WILL be able to engage you from longer distances. Direct combat requires you to use cover more frequently or take them down by stealth. Enemy hearing & vision capability stays as vanilla.

  • Two more body armor versions and some syringe types are available to be purchased in-store from the start, but with increased cost. Reintroduced unused items to be applied in-game to add variation to shop items.


  • New clean "underwater theme" menu background and UI interface. Comes with matching color selection for better vision.

  • Removed message box for sleek gameplay experience. The solid color message box has been changed to be completely transparent now.

  • Clean camera interface for better visibility. No more annoying small boxes that may obstruct your view while scouting an area.

  • New minimalistic Skill Tree icons with color variations. For minimalistic UI and easier classification of skill type.

RED indicates combat skills
BLUE indicates mobility skills
GREEN indicates survival skills
ORANGE indicates economy skills

  • All new clean weapon wheel with a minimalistic design. For less obstruction in view.

  • Fixed weapons equipped with attachments not showing up properly in the store menu. Equipping suppressors in the store menu won't make your weapons disappear anymore. The equipped attachments also show up properly when equipped. Plus, no more awkward angles or positons on weapons when equipping attachments in store.

  • Object distance increases (no more annoying depth of field / blurring on distant mountains & no more annoying ambient occlusion, better performance).
  • New post fx for screen blood overlays (when on low health, when attacked by animals, when almost drowning). Instead of red vignette, now the screen turns black & white and covered with blood splatters while you are low on health.
  • New blood particles from bullet impact to enemies & animals. The blood squibs are bigger now once you shoot an enemy / animal.

  • Now includes 4Ace's HD Texture Pack (DX9 ONLY!). A massive texture overhaul by 4Aces that further increases the graphical quality of the game. Fixes texture seams and optimizes the textures.

In brief this is what was altered between the textures that shipped with the game and my modification.
Over 20K+ seams were fixed.  On average there were three seams per texture and that does not include the edge seams that appear when the texture is tiled (they were extra, and while most were also fixed, especially for high usage ones like landscape, not all were fixed).  Ubisoft used a very aggressive draw distance so that anything more than 1m away from you would be of a lower resolution.  That blurs out the hard edges of the seams and covers up the mess they made.  I prefer to have my textures at full size for a heck of a lot longer than just 1m.

Textures were optimized (Diffuse, Specular, and Normal Maps) and Normalized.  The first keeps them as small as possible without harming the overall graphical experience, while the latter tries to keep them all the same size.  Unfortunately the NPC skin textures are varied and in a bizarre twist, they used fully detailed models instead of using a standard morp-deformation system (which is why everyone is a clone on the island unless they are a 'special' person - e.g. Dennis).  So if anyone wants to add something to this: the horrible skin for the common civilians, or the hair for just about everyone would be a good addition.

Many textures (200+) were replaced with my own, especially the landscape.  This was due to the originals either being of lower quality than their
counterparts, or having more than 15 center seams which required too much work to fix.  Even more textures (400+) were combined with my own, to keep the original look, but make them of a higher quality so that more of the game looks of the same quality.

So overall, this make the game run smoother and look much better.  You can turn your setting up or just enjoy the FPS gain, it is up to you.



Now that you know the essential enhancements of the mod, we move on to the variations of the mod. All these variations below include the essential enhancements listed above. Choose one included in the pack to your liking. The variations are:

replaces the minimap with a simple compass. Minimap icons disabled, only the current objective icon (yellow blinking circle) remains. HD TEXTURE PACK, which means this only runs in DX9. 2 more weapon skins included. MORE ENEMIES and they won't disappear once you capture outposts (they are still patrolling). EXPECT FIREFIGHTS OFTEN. INCLUDES ALL THE CHANGES IN VERSION 3.1

TO BE ADDED (these versions below does not include HD Textures):

CASUAL VERSION enables minimap and minimap icons (vehicle, loot, relic, quests, plants, etc all enabled)
REGULAR VERSION replaces the minimap with a simple compass. Minimap icons disabled, only current objective marker (yellow blinking circle) remains.
HARDCORE VERSION disables the minimap & minimap icons entirely (except health bar, armor bar, and medicine).

Q: Does this mod unlock the wingsuit from the start?
A: No, it doesn't.
Q: Does this unlock the 2nd island from the start?
A: No, it doesn't. It only unlocks "Side Story Quests" from the second island. (the one labeled as blue exclamation mark)
Q: Does this mod change the capacity of wallet, loot bags, etc?
A: Yes, it does. I changed it to balance the in-game economy adjustment based on the mod.
Q: Does this mod include sound suppressor attachment for shotguns?
A: No, it doesn't. Because I think it is a little unrealistic to have them common in the setting of the game (Rook Islands). But luckily, if you want a suppressor for your shotgun, I have attached it to the Bull signature weapon instead. Considering the Bull is a special/unique weapon, nothing wrong for it to have a suppressor attached 
Q: Does this mod change the stats of weapons? Like recoil, magazine capacity, range, etc?
A: Yes, it does. The mod is merged with the Legit Guns mod (adjusted slightly) and I managed to change the FOV to 90 for all weapons. So the weapons no longer look like they are placed directly in front of your face.
Q: Does this mod unlock all signature weapons, dragon knife, syringe recipes from the start?
A: No, it doesn't. I think it will break the balance of the game too much.
Q: Does this unlock 2nd island weapons from the start?
A: Yes. But in order to own them, you either should: 1. Purchase them from the shop, or; 2. Activate radio towers to obtain them for free. The amount of towers required to obtain a weapon for free is unchanged, but the weapons cost more in stores (balancing reasons). I think this makes sense since the lady shopkeeper says that we should keep the radio towers online, so she can get a stock of top-notch gear from remote villages. So does she got stock? YES. How do we get it? Buy them, OR get them for free by activating towers as she said. 
Q: Does this mod disable enemy/animal tagging, wallhacking, stealth indicator, or the HUD and minimap?
A: No, it doesn't. Enemy & animal tagging is enabled. Stealth indicator enabled. Options to disable minimap is available.
Q: What are your future plans for this mod?
A: Very good question! I may merge this mod with the HD Texture Pack by 4Aces or Mud Mod. Keep in touch 

Q: My game crashed when using your mod, can you help?
A: If you're using the version with a texture pack, switch to DX9. If the crash still persists, unfortunately I cannot help since I verified that my mod will work properly.


I guess that's it, thank you very much for reading until the end. That was a long-ass writing from me LOL.
Don't forget to leave feedback in the comment section, I'll be glad if you do.

Enjoy the mod.

Sincerely, verdugo7