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    Hello, verdugo7 here.

    I hope everyone is enjoying this mod as much as I do. I am planning to update this mod with Mud's Reflective Texture Mod and 4Aces HD Texture Mod as soon as possible. What holds me back is my internet connection, but I hope I can upload the 4Aces HD Textures version next week. Plus, I contacted Mud and he told me that he's working on a V5 version of his mod, so I think I better wait for that first :)

    If you find any bugs, please let me know by posting a comment below. I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

    If you want to suggest ideas, you are welcome but please suggest ideas that are not diverting the direction of this mod, which is "to enhance, rebalance, and expand the experience of Far Cry 3 WITHOUT breaking too much gameplay balancing of the original game."

    Thank you very much!

    Sincerely, verdugo7.
    1. supplementaccount0
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      In addition to the cut-out prologue of the game (which was very disappointing, because, say, I want to play Far Cry 3 for real and without jokes, such as cut-out prologues and so on. In the end, judge for yourself, why would a player who wants to pass Far Cry 3 INITIALLY wake up and talk to a stranger, no longer knowing the WHOLE story?!), but I don't understand one more thing: why do we need to speed up the animation of interaction with the prey itself? It's a good thing that these refreshing and refreshing animations haven't been removed at all, it's a damn good thing! Obviously, removing the skin will take longer than in the game itself, and it speeds up, damn it! Is this the atmosphere of hunting or playing speedrunner?!
      Please, for the sake of "realism", make the animation of stripping and skinning standard and return the escape mission! =(
  2. Anonymityandfreedom
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    "All weapons' statistics are adjusted to match their real-life counterparts. Damage, recoil, range, spread,
    magazine capacity, sway, etc have been tweaked." Enemies with helmets (such as privateers) in the game can be one-shotted with a .45 ACP or .556. That is not realistic.
    1. PCameron522
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      Depends on the helmet's threat rating and the type of projectile.

      5.56x45mm M193 will defeat NIJ level 3 body armor, which most kevlar helmets weren't rated for in 2012 and a fair number still aren't. .45 ACP Ball will defeat non-Kevlar helmets designed purely to stop shrapnel like the old M1 steel pots.
  3. BertoPlayerpl
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    are you planning to add a graphic mod to the regular version?
  4. llloyd
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    Will there be a version that is just the HD textures and no game play changes? Thanks! :D 
  5. kazukool
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    wish the other versions had the hd textures would be nice
  6. AlyonaOwl
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    I love this mod, thank you very much! I'm a type of player who wants just some improvements of gameplay without hardcore, so this mod suits me. 
    But it's sad that the prologue is deleted
  7. Lanbu004x
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    I still dont know why it doesnt work on my fx505dy windows 11.Is there any tutorial on youtube that i can follow?
  8. Legendarybruh
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    the tribal tattoo is removed i want it back how?
  9. TopDollar86
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    Why does this skip the intro mission? What if I want to play from the beginning?
  10. selim63389
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    Softlock in first Mission
    After the crafting (which works in my game)(after you level up from the first tower which you have to do because mission?)
    when you have to set the 2 skill points the menu doesnt quit after setting the 2 skill points.
    Restartet now like over 10 times. The Crocodile got me 2 times...
    i dont have sound on my pc atm so i dont know if i have to do something else.
    (Ive played the game now for like over a 100 times and as i remember he talks while you set the
    skill points and then as you set the second skill point the menu exits automatically and he
    starts with a new sentence like great you have power or something like that while the tatoo lights up on your arm.)
    playing 3.1 insanity + with a not downgraded version of far cry 3 1.0.5 DX9 with admin so it can save.
    Specs are hd 5970+5870 with a intel 860 (p55) not oc´d
    sorry for posting here , i cant post in the forum and in the bugs section sorry
    I hope i didnt miss something
    Greetings and sorry for bad english.

    1. zenhalation
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      Same thing happened to me. Switch to DX11 temporarily, allocate your takedown skill point + whatever other skill, then after you save switch back to DX9 and all should be well.I restarted so many times, I have learned the definition of insanity lol.
  11. Igzilee
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    Why is the patch.dat file for this so much smaller than the vanilla one?