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Fixes for bugs, developer oversights and also some small extra features.

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Far Cry 2 - Patched

This mod fixes lots of bugs and developer oversights, as well as adding a couple of small features to improve gameplay.

There are two versions, one with 'Fixes Only', and one with 'Enhanced' extra features.

You should always play using DirectX 9. This fixes lots of issues by itself.

The 'Fixes Only' download has the following features:

  • Framerate capped to 60 - fixes bouncing npcs and improves stability
  • Optional removal of flashing items.

  • Fixed the MAC-10 being silent.
  • Fixed the M1903 crosshair sometimes not showing when using low resolutions.
  • Fixed the player not walking slower when using ironsights with the M79.

  • Fixed the missing Big Truck engine sound.
  • Fixed the hang glider being pushed into doing loops when shot.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing on water.
  • Fixed the being able to see the edges of the player's arms when using hang gliders with widescreen FOV.
  • Improved a slight misalignment of the vehicle GPS.

  • Restored the infamous difficulty critical healing animations.
  • Fixed the Jackal tape bug where the 10th tape repeats and you can't hear the remaining ones.
  • Optional limited saving

  • Fixed assassination targets having the same vision as snipers.
  • Fixed a sniper that often gets stuck inside a rock in map 2.

  • Removed mouse speed clamping.

  • Fixed the formatting of the character select screen not being consistent (English only).
  • Fixed the Wwwwww main menu bug.

  • A new game executable is included that has been patched to use 4GB of RAM, this improves load times and game stability.

  • Predecessor tapes are automatically enabled.
  • Optional Homemade and Primitive machetes.

The 'Enhanced' download includes everything listed above, and also the following features:

  • New vibrant colour scheme - This simply removes the game's desaturation values, so what you see is the assets' original colours. No Reshade required.
  • Removed rim lighting.

Also with improvements to the following graphics settings:

Geometry (Ultra High) - This setting has a GIGANTIC performance impact, and with a fresh install needs to be selected manually. Turn this down to Very High if you have low fps!
  • Increased draw distance for minor terrain details (rocks etc), grass, and small vegetation.
  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 8x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Geometry (Very High) - This setting replaces the original ultra high setting as it has a small 1-2 fps impact.
  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 4x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Shadows (Improvements have been added to every setting)
  • Higher resolution shadows.
  • Trees and vegetation cast more shadows.
  • The original game had a line ~10m from the player where high quality shadows became low quality shadows. This has been fixed.

Ambient (High)
  • Increased draw distance for static shadows.

Terrain (Ultra High)
  • Enhanced terrain LOD.

  • Weapons can be holstered by pressing 'x' on keyboard (rebindable) or holding Y on controller. Press fire, use or change weapon to unholster. Press reload to show the hud.
  • Weapons can be inspected by holding the reload button.
  • Renamed the 'Eagle .50' to the 'Desert Eagle' and the 'Homeland 37' to the 'Ithaca 37'. Removed unnecessary hyphens from others.
  • Explosive crossbow bolts now fire in an arc.
  • The sawed-off shotgun now uses shotgun ammo, not pistol ammo.
  • The sawed-off shotgun now fires 14 pellets in one shot, as it fires two shells at once.
  • MP5 descripton has been changed to 'SMG', it uses SMG ammo pickups, and it uses the light assault webbing ammo upgrade.
  • DLC weapons have been added to the ammo upgrades.
  • DLC weapons' reliability and accuracy have been tweaked to match the upgraded vanilla weapons.
  • Stealth kills with the machete are silent.
  • 'Creeping' has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button. This facilitates stealth when using mouse and keyboard.

  • Windshield bullet holes are now permanent.
  • DLC vehicles now come in a variety of colours.
  • Added 'v' as a dedicated keyboard button to look back when driving (rebindable).

  • Integrated Scubrah's 'Functional Outpost' Mod - When all the enemies in an outpost have been killed they will respawn after 45 minutes.
  • Improved stealth - reduced enemy perception pre-combat by 20%.
  • Increased player agility - Jump height increased, turn speed while sprinting increased, ability to climb slopes improved.
  • Increased stamina.
  • Reduced the chance for enemies to chase the player when driving through outposts from 100% to 25%.
  • Reduced fall damage.
  • Reduced monocular sensitivity.
  • Explosive barrels now start fires.
  • Specops enemies now have a truly unique appearance suitable to their role.
  • Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse map icons.

I give open permission for these files to be used in your own Far Cry 2 mod, if you could please credit that they were used.