Far Cry 2

About this mod

Far Cry 2: Modernized is essentially a game overhaul; prioritizing graphical fidelity, realism, and consistency. FC2:M brings bug fixes, extra content, a custom HDR and sharpness based ReShade, upscaled and improved textures, reworked defaults (sensitivity, controls, FOV, etc.), hand drawn map icons, and other enhancements to bring FC2 to 2021.

Permissions and credits
'FarCry 2: Modernized' is essentially a heavily customized and reworked version of Hunter's wonderful 'Far Cry 2: Redux' mod that suites my overall aesthetic and gameplay preferences, as well as brings (in my opinion) unprecedented graphical fidelity to this 13 year old game. It uses an older version of 'Far Cry 2: Redux' as an original baseline (with Hunter's permission), and from there I overhauled the graphical settings (primarily focusing on shadows, LOD, terrain, and render distance) to a point where it's now pretty unoptimized at higher resolutions -- keep in mind I'm not a veteran modder, and I tailored this mod to my own PC setup because I was never sure if I would release it publicly, so it might not perform well for users with older hardware.  On top of that, I made a very resource intensive ReShade (focusing on HDR and sharpness) that makes the game look stunning.  Feel free to use other ReShades, but keep in mind the overall game aesthetic was designed with this ReShade in mind.

It also includes the AI upscaled textures from Boggalog's 'Enhanced Texture Pack' mod, his 'Actual Syrette Icon' mod, and the colorful weapon icons from his 'Detailed and Colourful Weapon Icons' mod (all with his permission).  Note: my mod has some custom gun textures, so I reworked some of these icons to represent the newer textures -- however I'm not as talented as Boggalog when it comes to texturework. 

This mod also contains brand new map / legend icons -- all thematically made to look hand drawn on the map by an amateur (because I AM an amateur and couldn't do any better; luckily this fits the aesthetic). On top of new icons, like 'Far Cry 2: Redux' the player's position has been removed from the map, and item blinking has been removed for increased realism.

Other modifications and quality of life enhancements:

  • User's choice of 1 out of 4 main menu watermarks.
  • User's choice of  v a p o r w a v e  styled startup logo (default) or the original english startup logo.
  • Included Daniel Pistelli's old 4GB executable patcher -- this allows 'FarCry2.exe' to use 4GB of memory instead of only 2GB (because it's a 32-bit executable).  This reduced startup crashes significantly for me.
  • Unlocked DLC machetes (primitive and homemade).
  • Max FPS locked to 95 -- at this framerate I haven't noticed any bouncing NPC's or any other bugs.  Feels much better than 60.
  • Renamed ALL weapons and vehicles, giving them a more "realistic" and detailed feel (subjective).
  • Renamed a handful of menu elements and settings, and reorganized some controls in the Controls menu.
  • Changed default controls (Note: if your mouse does NOT have an extra side button, you will have to change this control).
  • Changed FOV from 75 to 85.
  • Added machete "creeping" feature.
  • Lowered game sensitivity so that the sensitivity slider is ACTUALLY useful.
  • Improved directional audio (not super noticeable, possibly a placebo, but worth adding).
  • Unlocked all predecessor missions, fixed Jackal tape audio bug, and removed blinking items.
  • Weapon holstering (hold E) and inspecting (F). [FC2: Redux, but modified]
  • Infamous Fusion difficulty. [FC2: Redux]
  • Increased damage output for less spungey enemies. [FC2: Redux]
  • Increased enemy weapon variety, AI, patrols, and added infighting. [FC2: Redux]
  • Increased stamina, vehicle physics, etc. [FC2: Redux]
  • Flora, Nasreen, and Michelle are now playable characters. [FC2: Redux]
  • Flare gun is now an added gadget (1). [FC2: Redux]
  • Modified weapon ballistics and magazine sizes. [FC2: Redux]
  • et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

  • Mouse Button 4  -->  Toggle Map
  • Left Mouse Button  -->  Change Map Scale
  • E (Hold)  -->  Holster Weapon
  • F  -->  Inspect Weapon
  • E  -->  Interact
  • Q  -->  Heal
  • G  -->  Throw Grenade
  • Left ALT  -->  Change Throwable
  • Left Arrow / Right Arrow  -->  Look Back (Vehicle)

  • Home  -->  ReShade Settings
  • PageUp  -->  Toggle ReShade
  • Delete  -->  Take Screenshot

1)  Copy and paste the contents of the '[i] Game Files' folder into your base Far Cry 2 directory.

  Run '4GB_Patch.exe' and select the Far Cry 2 executable ('.\bin\FarCry2.exe')

3)  Copy and paste the contents of the 'ReShade' folder into your Far Cry 2 '.\bin' directory.

4)  OPTIONAL:  Run 'UnlockMenuMachetes.reg' to enable machete selection in MENU --> OPTIONS --> GAME

5)  OPTIONAL: If using the 'FC2 Multi-Fixer', use the game's original 'Dunia.dll' for proper support.

6)  OPTIONAL:  Replace the  v a p o r w a v e  start-up logo with the English start-up logo in '\English Startup Logo\Dunia.dll'

  • Setting the refresh rate to 120 and turning on V-sync in the Display Settings improved smoothness on my end.
  • DX10 has been found to crash; please use DX9 for this mod.


[Hunter (aka BigTinz)]

Huge credit to him for being a super nice dude,  answering all my modding questions on his 
     'Far Cry 2: Redux Steam Page', and allowing me to use 'Far Cry 2: Redux' as an initial baseline.

Huge credit to him for allowing me to incorporate his 'Enhanced Texture Pack', 'Actual Syrette Icon',
and 'Detailed and Colourful Weapon Icons' mods into this project, providing fantastic resources for
the community to use, as well as answering any modding questions I asked him.  Great dude.
Link to his extensive Nexus mod guide here.
Link to the Google Doc mod guide here.