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An in-progress project to document Far Cry 2 modding. Includes a guide, tools and files to assist any aspiring Far Cry 2 modder.

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An Almost Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 Modding
Created by Boggalog

This is an in-progress project to document Far Cry 2 modding.

Here is a link to the guide.

At the moment the guide is partially complete, in the future I will also include a collection of tools and useful files to assist you on your modding journey.

Feel free to give suggestions of topics you would like to be covered. If you have a discovery of your own you would like to be included then please submit them here or in a private message and I'll add you to the contributors list.


14/01/21 - Added sections for Small Resource Pickups (Ammo/explosive/fuel boxes - Ammo type/quantity, Health boxes - Syrette quantity), Monocular (Look Sensitivity, Zoom), Enemy AI Behaviours (Combat, Grenade Throwing, Vehicle Use), Enemy Reinforcements - Enemy/Vehicle type, Buddies (Buddy weapon packs, Buddy weapons, Buddy Health, Buddy Invincibility).