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This is an insane gameplay version of Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod). Tom’s Mods improve the graphics, rebalance weapons, add new features and quality of life improvements, fix bugs, unlock dlc and make subtle changes to the gameplay to add more flavour and variety while preserving the original feel of the game.

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This is a realism focussed version of Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod). Tom’s Mods improve the graphics, rebalance weapons, add new features and quality of life improvements, fix bugs, unlock dlc and make subtle changes to the gameplay to add more flavour and variety while preserving the original feel of the game. By focussing more on fewer changes I aim to provide as bug free an experience as possible.

All languages are supported and all the new controls are available on controllers.

This is an insane gameplay version of Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod), the original mod is available here.

I strongly recommend playing with DirectX 9. DirectX 10 is broken and causes a
lot of issues including graphical glitches and the silent phone call bug.

Full feature list:

Improved graphics

  • My personal “Colourful Far Cry 2” reshade configuration - simple and lightweight, this is Far Cry 2 with vibrant colours. No messy post-processing.
  • Road signs have been retextured with a high resolution hand-painted style font.
  • All decals (bullet holes/machete cuts) are permanent until you leave the area.
  • No blinking items.
  • The frame rate has been locked to 60 for game stability and to fix the bouncing NPC and silent phone bugs. Simple instructions to unlock the framerate are in the comments.
  • Play on DX9 for improved, longer grass.

The following graphics settings have been improved, the default settings for these have been moved down a tier, so Ultra High is now Very High, High is now Medium etc:

Geometry (Ultra High) - Please note this setting has a huge performance impact. Turn this down first if you have low fps!
  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Increased draw distance for minor terrain details (rocks etc).
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 8x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Geometry (Very High) - This setting replaces the original ultra high setting as it has a small 1-2 fps impact.
  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 4x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Shadows (Improvements have been added to every setting)
  • Softer, more realistic shadows.
  • Trees and vegetation cast more shadows.
  • The original game had a clear line ~10m from the player where high quality shadows became low quality shadows. This has been fixed.
  • Choose between max shadow range (135m) with an occassional bug where distant shadows flash black when they first appear, or limited shadow range (100m) with the black flashes fixed:
  • Ultra High - 135m shadow range, enhanced shadow resolution, increased shadow fade distance.
  • Very High - 100m shadow range, enhanced shadow resolution, increased shadow fade distance.
  • High - 135m shadow range, 50% shadow resolution.
  • Medium - 100m shadow range, 50% shadow resolution.
  • Low - 50m shadow range, 25% shadow resolution.

Ambient (High)
  • Increased draw distance for static shadows.

Terrain (Ultra High)
  • Enhanced terrain LOD.

Weapon improvements

  • Extra weapon slot for the flare gun or IEDs, accessible by pressing the machete button twice.
  • Weapons can be holstered by pressing X on keyboard (rebindable) and holding Y on controller. Press fire, use or change weapon to unholster. Press reload to show the hud.
  • Weapons can be inspected by pressing I on keyboard (rebindable) and holding X on controller.
  • 2x headshot damage.
  • Increased ironsight FOV.
  • Renamed some weapons and removed unnecessary hyphens from others (Renamed guns are: Star .45 -> Colt 1911, Eagle .50 -> Desert Eagle, Homeland 37 -> Ithaca 37, G3KA4 -> G3A4, FAL Paratrooper -> FN FAL Para, AR-16 -> M16).
  • Crossbow bolts fire in an arc, no longer defying gravity.
  • Golden AKs respawn.

Weapon rebalances

Machete - The machete didn't feel like it had a real place in combat as stealth assassinations would still alert every enemy and it took several regular swipes to kill anyone. It is now useful in both stealth and as a regular melee weapon.
  • Machete assassinations are 100% silent.
  • 'Creeping' has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button.
  • Regular machete attacks are a one hit kill.

Pistols - I found the pistols were forgotten about once the SMGs were unlocked. They are now more viable.
  • Makarov & Silenced Makarov - +50% damage, +30% effective range, improved accuracy while moving, 3x max ammo, magazine size increased to 12.
  • Colt 1911 - +50% damage, +30% effective range, improved accuracy while moving, 3x max ammo.
  • Desert Eagle - +50% damage, 0.75x max ammo.

SMGs - The SMGs were always better than the pistols, so alongside buffing the pistols the SMGs have been slightly nerfed. 
The MP5 was also by far the worst assault rifle so it has been changedto a secondary, joining the other SMGs.
  • The MP5 is a secondary. As such it's ammo upgrade has been changed to the light assault webbing and it now gets ammo pickups from the other SMGs.
  • Some of the weapon upgrades have been changed to accommodate the MP5 as a secondary. The MP5 is automatically available at the start of Act 2. The Uzi is available as a reward from convoy mission 4 and the Dart Rifle is available as a reward from convoy mission 3. This has been done because the MP5 is the best SMG and the natural progression is Mac 10 -> Uzi -> MP5.
  • All SMGs (Mac 10, Uzi, MP5) - +50% recoil.
  • MP5 - Decreased effective range to halfway between the assault rifles and other SMGs.

Shotguns - In the original game they were underpowered and there was no reason to choose them over an assault rifle. They now excel within 50m.
  • All shotguns are significantly more accurate with further effective range.
  • Reduced the SPAS12 magazine size to 9.
  • The sawed-off shotgun now uses shotgun ammo and fires each barrel individually.
  • Ammo capacity for the sawed off/silenced shotgun has been increased to be equal to the upgraded vanilla shotgun capacity. This is because the ammo upgrades don't effect the DLC weapons.

Assault rifles - Enemies were particularly bullet spongey when shot at range with assault rifles, this should now be improved while maintaining their medium range specialisation.
  • All assault rifles effective range increased by 33%.

LMGs - The PKM had way too much recoil and LMGs only really became useful with the M249 Saw.
  • PKM recoil reduced by 20%

Flamethrower - The flamethrower had pitiful range, limiting it's usefulness for both the player and enemies.
  • Flamethrower range tripled to 30m.
  • Flamethrower max ammo reduced by 50%.

Rocket launchers/explosive crossbow - 
Rockets were very slow moving, especially the Carl G rockets. They are now satisfyingly fast and the crossbow has more ammo to stay relevant.
  • RPG and Carl G rocket speeds increased by ~40%.
  • Explosive crossbow max ammo increased by 50%.

Mortar - The mortar is a very specialised, high skill weapon. Despite this it had the same ammo capacity as the other explosive specials.
  • Mortar max ammo increased by 50%.

Gameplay improvements

  • Unlimited stamina.
  • Increased sprint speed x2.
  • No sprint turn penalty.
  • Increased walk speed x1.3.
  • Unlimited breath underwater.
  • Increased swim speed x4.
  • Increased jump height x5.
  • Increased slop climbing capability.
  • No fall damage.
  • Improved stealth - reduced enemy perception pre-combat by 20%.
  • Invincible buddies.
  • Reorganised weapon shop so the order of everything makes more sense (unfortunately this has broken the Upgrades section of the pause menu).
  • All ammo, health and repair upgrades are available early in the game.
  • Weapons in the armory don't respawn instantly - there will be fresh stock next time you visit.
  • Briefcases that previously contained one diamond now contain two.
  • Vehicle and boat speed increased x2.
  • Vehicles are barely damaged by crashes.
  • Press V on keyboard to look behind you while driving (rebindable).
  • Improved hang glider stability when shot - you will lose some control and altitude but only be pushed into a nose dive under very heavy fire.
  • New vehicle upgrades have been added for the ATV and utility truck, these have replaced the existing upgrades for the big truck and fishing boat.
  • Reduced monocular sensitivity.
  • Increased look angle for the swamp boats so you can look behind you while driving.
  • The chance for enemies to chase you when driving through checkpoints has been reduced to 25%.
  • Explosive barrels now start fires.

Variety improvements

  • Enhanced enemy arsenal, now including molotovs, grenade launchers, flamethrowers and golden AKs.
  • Buddies also use more weapons.
  • Enemy infighting - patrols and camps will fight each other.
  • Patrols use a mix of shotgun and assault enemies.
  • Patrol vehicles have been swapped to a more interesting variety and they now include ATVs, dune buggies and several utility truck variants. Some vehicles normally restricted to map 2 are found in map 1.
  • More unpredictable enemies - enemies used to always rescue their injured friends and range their mortars before firing. These behaviours are now likely but not guaranteed.
  • Enemies throw more grenades and are more likely to call for reinforcements.
  • DLC vehicles come in a variety of colours (credit to Infamous Fusion).

General improvements

  • New Game+ mode - The player has 25% less health. Enemies and buddies use better weapons and vehicles earlier in the game.
  • Optional tutorial skip - start the game straight after the long-winded opening. Choose between a normal game start and one with all upgrades and weapons unlocked.
  • Optional limited saving - disable quicksave and saving from the pause screen. If chosen you can only save at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers. No more save scumming!
  • More black enemies – all patrol, mortar and sniper enemies are now black.
  • Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse icons on the GPS.

Bug fixes

  • Restored missing big truck engine sounds.
  • Restored missing critical healing animations on Infamous difficulty.
  • Fixed the Jackal tape bug where the 10th tape repeats and you can't hear the remaining ones.
  • Fixed bouncing NPCs by locking the frame rate to 60.
  • Fixed the silent phone call bug (mostly, use DirectX 9).
  • Fixed the 'alien' blue tint on the player during the night (credit to Far Cry 2: Redux).
  • Fixed being able to see the edges of your arms when using the hang glider.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing on water - it is now buoyant and you can climb onto it while it is floating.
  • Fixed a graphics bug where distant shadows on trees can flicker black.
  • Fixed white flashes on distant terrain when playing with the low or medium terrain presets.

Unlocked DLC – Ubisoft authentication no longer required

  • Predecessor tapes.
  • Homemade and Primitive machetes.

Something not to your liking? Want to change something? I've started putting together a tweak guide with instructions on making basic changes to this or any mod, available here. Please ask in a comment if you want anything added. Currently there are instructions for editing: non dlc weapons, fov, stamina, player health, malaria, max fps.

I use a steam controller to play and my settings can be found by searching for "Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) Binding"

Installation instructions

A) Main files

1. Choose EITHER "Normal Game" or "New Game+".

  • Normal game
  • New Game+ - 25% less health, enemies use more powerful weapons and vehicles from the start of the game.

2. Choose EITHER "Flare Gun Gadget" or "IED Gadget".

3. Choose EITHER "Save Anywhere" or "Limited saving (Only at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers)".

4. Copy the folders "Data_Win32" and "bin" into your Far Cry 2 folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 2) and overwrite when prompted.

B) 'Colourful Far Cry 2' Reshade

1. Copy the 'bin' folder within the 'Colourful Far Cry 2' Reshade folder into your Far Cry 2 folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 2) and overwrite any previous files.

2. Start the game and in the top left corner it should say "Reshade is now installed successfully!". At the main menu press 'Home' on your keyboard and the Reshade menu will appear. Press 'Skip Tutorial'. On the next page at the top there is a blue bar that says "DefaultPreset", click this and from the drop down menu select "Tom's Mod Colourful Far Cry 2 Reshade.ini". Now you are finished and can press 'Home' again to close the menu.

C) DLC Machetes

1. To install run "Install DLC Machetes.reg". This will add a single registry key that is specific for enabling the machetes.

2. To uninstall run "Uninstall DLC Machetes.reg".

D) Tutorial Skip Saved Games

1. Choose if you want a regular game start or to have all upgrades and weapons unlocked. The everything unlocked option is intended for New Game+ but both sets of saves can be used for the regular game or New Game+ interchangeably.

2. Copy the save file into your Far Cry 2 saves location (\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\Saved Games\).

3. Can't see the new save in-game? All of them were created on 18th November 2020 so you might have to scroll down to find them in your list.


v1 – First upload.
v1.1 - New features and requested gameplay tweaks.
  • New Game+ mode - all unlocks are available at the start of the game and cost 1 diamond, enemies have 25% more health and do 25% more damage.
  • Weapon holstering - press X on keyboard or hold Y on gamepad to holster your weapons. Press shoot, heal or use to stop holstering.
  • Weapon inspecting - hold the reload button.
  • New buttons to look behind you while driving - V on keyboard and X on gamepad.
v1.2 - Small tweaks.
  • Increased mortar max ammo by 50%.
  • Moved controller vehicle look back button to RB.
v1.3 - Improved stealth and faster vehicles.
  • Removed changes to controller bindings, now back to default.
  • Reduced enemy perception pre-combat by a further 10%.
  • Reset enemy perception during the night to default.
  • Increased shadow fade distance for Shadows - Ultra High.
v1.4 - Redone enemy patrol vehicles and better New Game+.
  • FPS capped to 60
  • Total vehicle mix up - vehicles mixed up and vehicle sets are now different between maps 1 and 2. All unimog weapon variations are now incorporated.
  • Increased weapon ironsight fovs.
  • New game+ updated - the first diamond briefcase in the tutorial will give you enough diamonds to buy the whole weapon shop, enemies and buddies skip the first phase of their weapon progression arcs and start the game better equipped, map 1 patrols use mounted 50cals and grenade launchers.
  • Restored default machete crouched walking animation because the new one was janky with an analogue stick.
  • More black enemies - all sniper, mortar and rocket enemies are now black.
  • Reduced slope climbing capability.
  • Reduced jump height increase to 1.4x
  • Reduced flesh bullet hole decals lifetime to default.
v1.6 - New vehicle upgrades, reorganised weapon shop and new road sign textures.
  • Fixed white flashes when playing on low and medium terrain settings.
  • All graphics presets now include hdr and bloom to fix white flashes on vehicles when playing with low shading settings.
  • Added an in-game warning about DX10 being buggy.
  • Tweaked damage model for enemies, reduced arm damage and increased torso damage.
  • Added vehicle upgrades for the atv and unimog (utility truck), swapped them for the fishing boat and big truck upgrades.
  • Reorganised the weapon shop so the order of everything makes more sense.
  • New game+ - removed player damage reduction, slightly decreased player health reduction to be consistent with player health levels of vanilla difficulties (23%), the mk19 unimog and m2 rover have replaced the m249 rovers in map 1 and 2.
  • Road signs have new, custom textures with a high resolution 'hand-painted' style font.
v1.7 - Updated Reshade.
  • Tweaked 'Colourful Far Cry 2' Reshade with a more vibrant and cleaner look.
v1.8 - Various tweaks.
  • Tweaked player damage multipliers. Torso damage decreased to 1.2x, arm damage increased to 0.8x.
  • Tweaked shadow settings - the different presets now vary between max shadow range (135m) which has an occasional bug where distant shadows flash black when they first appear, or limited shadow range (100m) with this bug fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the dragunov didn't unlock from it's convoy mission.
v1.9 - Reshade install fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the Colourful Far Cry 2 Reshade installation.
v2.0 - New tutorial skip saves, rebindable controls, improved hang glider and various other tweaks.
  • Added two sets of tutorial skip saves. One set with a regular game start and another with everything unlocked. The everything unlocked saves are intended for use with new game+ but each set of saves can be used with either the regular game or new game+ files. Includes a picture to compare character details and arms.
  • The new controls for weapon holstering, weapon inspecting and vehicle look back are now rebindable. Weapon inspecting has been moved to the i key to accommodate this. The controller binding remains the same. Props to Hunter for finding this was possible.
  • Fixed the hang glider either dropping straight into a nose five or doing loop-de-loops when shot. You will now lose some control and probably some altitude but only be pushed into a nose dive under very heavy fire.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing around on water, it is now buoyant and you can climb onto it while it is floating.
  • Weapons in the armory don't respawn instantly, there will be fresh stock next time you visit.
  • You can now heal directly when holstered, no more having to get your weapon out first.
  • Pressing reload will show the hud when holstered.
  • Reverted player damage model to vanilla (1x torso damage, 1x arm damage).
  • Slightly decreased ironsight fov for assault rifles, shotguns, lmgs, mounted weapons, rpg and mp5.
  • Increased assault rifle effective range by 33%.
  • 1 extra diamond given in new game+ tutorial to be able to afford the whole weapon shop.
  • Did a complete sweap to make weapons found in the open world and at the showdown at Mike's bar consistent with their normal counterparts.
v2.1 - Gameplay tweaks and holstering improvements.
  • Decreased sprint and jump stamina drain by 20%
  • Decreased land vehicle acceleration/power by 10%, max speed is the same.
  • Decreased boat speed by 10%.
  • Briefcases that in the vanilla game contain two diamonds previously contained three diamonds. They now contain two again.
  • Reduced the chance for enemies to chase you when driving through checkpoints from 50% to 25%.
  • Explosive barrels now start fires.
  • Holstering update - it is now possible to do the following directly when holstered, no need to press the use button twice: change weapon/select individual weapons, heal with syringes or emergency healing, use mounted weapons, enter vehicles, pick up items, pick up supplies from ammo/explosive/fuel piles, collect diamonds, use ladders, revive buddies.
  • DLC weapon files were recreated from scratch. This has returned the crossbow arrow to it's original explosion size.
  • New game+ - You no longer get extra diamonds in the tutorial. The weapon shop has regular prices and everything unlocks at normal times. If you want everything unlocked there are the tutorial skip saves that have this feature.
  • Fixed a bug with the left arm still showing after holstering the SPAS12.
  • Buddies can now be killed by the player, but have 4x their usual health. They still have their usual health during the fight at the end of the game.
  • Unlimited breath underwater.
  • Vehicle speed is now 2x, this works better than 3x.
  • Enemy patrol drivers no longer use flamethrowers.

Thank you to Kat for encouraging me to complete this, it’s been a long journey learning how everything works. Also thanks to the dead community of Far Cry 2 modders at openworldgames.org, Marc for his help and ambition, BigTinz for Far Cry 2: Redux, the Infamous Fusion team and dannylh2 for Far Cry 2: New Dunia. Working out how they made their mods allowed me to make my own. This mod stands on the shoulders of giants.