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This mod is a simple retexture of some parts of your camp.

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Please note that some parts of this mod are outdated and more detailed and better versions of its components (and even more goodies for your C.A.M.P.!) are available in my newer C.M.E. mod right here!

Version 1.2.3 contents:
1 Black grand piano texture replacer.
3 Variations for Metal building set walls (Steel grey, Gold and Bronze)

2 Variations (dark brown and white) of wooden wall panels to replace inner side of a brick wall (part of Brick Building Set)
5 Marble replacers (Black and White with options) for concrete foundation floors (Please note that this will also replace concrete floors in many locations throughout the world and might cause immersion breaking issues)
5 Marble replacers (Black and White with options) for White Shag Carpet floors
Outdated content (get better versions here):
5 Marble replacers (Black and White with options) for Light or Dark Laminated floors.
2 Tints for window frames (Brick building set) - light and dark. It also changes the texture of ceiling beams of all C.A.M.P. roofs and barn inner walls. (and God knows, what else :D)
2 Cleaner concrete foundation floor replacers (Light and Dark)

2 Different tints (dark brown and white) for roofing plywood (that you can see from the inside on your ceiling)
1 White texture replacer for fancy couches, armchairs and couches

If you like this mod then you definitely should take a look at my other C.A.M.P. mods if you haven't already! Here they are:
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Power Armor Stations Recolored
Undamaged Roofs
Dark Brown Wood Laminate
Nuka Machine and Door Clean Retexture
B.W.V. - Better Wallpaper Variety

1. Decide, which modifications you like best and download the corresponding archives.
2. Extract the ba2 files to your Fallout76 Data folder. If there are multiple folders in the archive, choose, which color option you want and extract .ba2 file from the corresponding folder.
3. Add the following line to the [Archive] section of your Fallout76Custom.ini:
sResourceArchive2List = 

(* is the name of file you extracted)

If you already have the string that begins with "sResourceArchive2List" in your Fallout76Custom.ini file, then just add ", *.ba2" to the end of that string (without the quotes) for each file you extracted.

Note: Only you will see this retexture in your game, other players will still see the textures they have in their game. So it's just for your own aesthetic pleasure and screenshotting purposes. Also, the game uses the same files for some models in the world, not only in your C.A.M.P., so be aware, it might cause slight immersion breaking for some of you. But nevertheless, your home deserves better textures, am I right? -))

1. Remove *.ba2 files from your Fallout76 Data folder (where * is filename of my mod's ba2 archive, ofc)
2. Remove all corresponding ", *.ba2" from sResourceArchive2List string of your Fallout76Custom.ini file

Currently Bethesda has made a note that the use of mods may lead to game improperly functioning. You can read it here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/44429/kw/mod
It should be noted that this mod is a simple texture replacer which offers the player no benefit or advantage over other players while playing Fallout 76.
Use this mod at your own risk, though.
This mod is a simple retexture of some parts of your camp.