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My take on Garb of Mysteries hi-res retexture. Isn't it strange that a freshly crafted outfit which was also a final award for MoM questline is all worn and dirty?

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This mod is a simple hi-res retexture (now with color options!) of Garb of Mysteries outfit. I personally found it strange that a freshly crafted outfit that was also a final award for MoM questline was all worn and dirty. Also, I didn't like the original color scheme, so I decided to make a more aesthetically pleasing cleaner version of that outfit and several color schemes for it.

Version 1.3 contents:

Main archive with 4 color variations: Red, Red without stocking tint, Classic Green, Classic Green without stocking tint, Tan/CreamTan/Cream without stocking tint, Dark (almost completely desaturated version).
New! archive with 4 additional color schemes: Pink, Violet, Blue and Orange (with optional accents for stockings and boots as in the main archive)
New! Separate archive that helps to remove the golden shimmer from the Veil of Secrets mask.

You may ask, why did I include variations with no stocking tint (besides the obvious aesthetic means)? The main reason here is that the game uses the same texture parts for the regular mistress of mystery outfit (the Tattered Dress). Long story short: if you use my mod with tinted stockings and heels, you will have the same tint on the corresponding outfit parts when you equip the Tattered Dress. Because of default color scheme of the latter it won't always be a match with some of my mod's color variations. This is why I included alternative/more color neutral versions.

1. Find the folder within the archive with the color scheme you like best.
2. Extract the GarbOfM.ba2 from that folder to your Fallout76 Data folder.
3. Add the following line to the top of the [Archive] section in your Fallout76Custom.ini file:
sResourceIndexFileList = GarbOfM.ba2
4. If you also want non-golden version of the mask, then download the corresponding archive, extract it to your game Data folder and add ", NoGoldMask.ba2" AFTER  the "GarbOfM.ba2" part.

If you already have the string that begins with "sResourceIndexFileList" in your Fallout76Custom.ini file, then just add ", GarbOfM.ba2" and/or ", NoGoldMask.ba2"  to the end of that string (without the quotes).

Note: Only you will see this retexture in your game, other players will still see the outfit textures from their game on your character, so it's just for your own aesthetic pleasure and screenshotting purposes.

1. Remove GarbOfM.ba2 and/or NoGoldMask.ba2 file from your Fallout76 Data folder
2. Remove ", GarbOfM.ba2" and/or ", NoGoldMask.ba2" from sResourceIndexFileList string from your Fallout76Custom.ini file

Currently Bethesda has made a note that the use of mods may lead to game improperly functioning. You can read it here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/44429/kw/mod
It should be noted that this mod is a simple texture replacer which offers the player no benefit or advantage over other players while playing Fallout 76.
Use this mod at your own risk, though.