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Tired of vanilla X-01 paint jobs? That's a mod for you then! Enclave, Silver Stalker, Snow Trooper, Quantum, Uranium Twilight, Red Reaper, Carbon Evil and Prototype skins for your good ol' X-01!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a collection of X01 skins from the game, that's made to replace different X-01 paintjobs. Also, I tidied them up a bit (more like "a lot" :D) and increased texture resolution to 4k, while keeping the fine details where possible. Some of these are a replacement for a standard paintjobs, and some are for the corresponding Atomic Shop items.

As of version 2.0.1 I started to improve texture detail by adding higher resolution normalmaps and updating textures. You might want to redownload updated archives to see (sometimes quite drastic) difference in texture clarity and detail.

Version 2.0.2 contents: 

New! Nukashine Atomic Shop paintjob revamp. Clean, properly dark and (nuka)shiny! (Now with better normal maps for improved clarity and detail)
New!  Quantum revamps (Matte and Shiny) (Now with better normal maps for improved clarity and detail)
Camo variations (Multicam Black and Navy Blue)(you need to have regular Camo paintjob in game to be able to use these replacers)
8 Standard paintjob replacers: EnclaveUranium TwilightGlamorous Twilight (Because hell, why not? :D), Silver StalkerSnow Trooper, Quantum (Matte and Shiny) and Prototype (the latter is for those of you who swapped paints and found out it's impossible to switch back to Prototype)
1 Prototype
paintjob revamp (for those of you, who never switched paints of newly crafted X-01 and wanted a cleaner and crispier version of that paintjob)
3 Blackbird paintjob replacers, retouched and cleaned: Red ReaperCarbon Evil and Enclave (you need to have Blackbird paint in game to be able to use these replacers)

Feel free to leave your suggestions and critique in comments, these are always greatly appreciated!

1. Download the color scheme you like best.
2. Extract the ba2 file to your Fallout76 Data folder.
3. Add sResourceArchive2List = 
*.ba2 line to the [Archive] section of your Fallout76Custom.ini (* is the name of file you extracted) OR just ", *.ba2"  to the end of this line if you already have it in your .ini file.
4. Switch your X01 PA paintjob in game to the one you're replacing and you'll see the newly installed skin. (For example: If you download Quantum standard paintjob replacer -> switch your PA paint to Standard)

Note: If you already have the string that begins with "sResourceArchive2List" in your Fallout76Custom.ini file, then just add ", *.ba2" to the end of that string (without the quotes).

Note: Only you will see this retexture in your game, other players will still see the PA Texture you currently have applied, so it's just for your own aesthetic pleasure and screenshotting purposes.

1. Remove *.ba2 file(s) from your Fallout76 Data folder
2. Remove ", *.ba2" from sResourceArchive2List string of your Fallout76Custom.ini file

Currently Bethesda has made a note that the use of mods may lead to game improperly functioning. You can read it here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/44429/kw/mod
It should be noted that this mod is a simple texture replacer which offers the player no benefit or advantage over other players while playing Fallout 76.
Use this mod at your own risk, though.