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Update On My Computer Troubles

Add some extra water sources you can place around your base. It is specially made for settlements with little to no water. New water sources include sinks, a water cooler, and an ice machine. All of them add the Water resource to your settlement like a water pump or purifiers.

I was getting really bummed with the fact I couldn't get water in certain settlements. I even went as far as to get a mod to expand the Home Base's menu, but I still couldn't get water in there.

So, I thought about it, and made some entries for water sources that make sense. The mod adds sinks (which should be hooked up to plumbing), a water cooler, and an ice machine that will give water resources to your settlement.

Found under the water resource menu:
  • Running Sink (Aluminum version) - 2 Water
  • Running Sink (Institute version) - 2 Water
  • Working Water Cooler - 5 Water
  • Working Ice Machine (Must be powered like a light bulb is) - 10 Water

  • More sinks!
  • Ice machine gives ice cold versions of drinks like drinking buddy. (After GECK)

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